thread Now I know you've all looked at too many graphs this year
But this is special

permalink wow
permalink Pfft
permalink that is pretty amazing
school bubble has burst, child at home for 2 weeks. is Minecraft educational?
That's slightly better.

Carry on as you were.
permalink At least it's friday.
we're trying to figure out a way to build a fire-pit so we can have people in our garden after wednesday without freezing to death.

maybe we'll just find a pub wiht really good wifi and sit at a different table from people while zooming them.

permalink An old oil drum
and some donkey jackets.
permalink maybe i could buy a beer keg off the brewery...
.. that would look quite cool
permalink The drum of a washing machine, especially an industrial one,
makes for a good fire pit.

We just dug a hole in the lawn, the trampoline lives over it most of the time.
permalink i'll keep an eye out...
permalink Arrgghh indeed.
I'm assuming our weekend away in late December is cancelled as we're in Tier 3, and the hotel is in Tier 2. Bit of a bummer for the hotel, that, although I expect we'll survive.
I'm also waiting for Friday night dinner to be delivered from https://www.northcote.... so that's rather exciting. We're celebrating missus O'Speed achieving her pilot rating.
Later on while drunk, I may spend all of my Bounce Back Loan on Black Friday electronics.
permalink they got her pilot rating while drunk?
i'm not sure that's worth celebrating.
permalink I'm doing a work pub quiz, and doing very badly I assume.
The first 10 questions involved recognising moustaches of famous people (because it's for Movember), I only answered 3 of them.
permalink So I told my boss last week that I couldn't cope any more and needed to leave,
but that I couldn't afford to just quit as I don't have enough savings to cover the time until I'd be able to claim Unemployment Insurance in Germany (12 weeks). I had a call with our HR guy yesterday and his suggestion is that I work full-time until the end of January (meaning I'd be “leaving” at the same time as the company founder) and from then on I would be on gardening leave - available for ad hoc questions but otherwise free - on full pay until the end of March...

This sounds like a win to me and I'm trying to work out how I've screwed myself over.
permalink That really sounds like a great deal
I'm very surprised
permalink yeah it does
permalink Yeah, I went in to it not really expecting them to give me anything
But I think it helps that I currently only have 4 weeks notice in my contract and have a lot of built-up knowledge of the systems and market which not many other people here have. It being nearly Christmas means if I resigned today there would only really be 2 usable weeks to do handovers etc.
permalink blimey
when doe the 12 week period kick in? Or is the idea that February/March gives you space to job hunt?
permalink It kicks in from the day after the last day of work, if you leave your job due to your own actions
(i.e., resigning or being sacked for gross misconduct). If you're made redundant it doesn't apply. So Feb and March should give me time to job hunt - and it's not unusual here to have a three month notice period so even if I find something in January that would still be ok.

But if they word the agreement in the right way, it might mean I'm not hit by the 12 week blocking period and then get 60% of my current salary for up to 12 months while I search. That would be awesome.
permalink It sounds like a positive way to leave
Are you going to take time out or do you have a plan of action?
permalink Wanking in the shed
One would hope!
permalink or the living room
if everyone else is at work
permalink I live in an apartment in the centre of Berlin, so don't have a shed...
I could do it off the balcony, I guess
permalink I'm definitely going to take Feb and Mar as (mostly) time out,
while job searching if still needed by then. I'm also hopeful that all of this *gestures around* will have eased a bit by April 1st...
permalink Black friday in currys.
I'm on the picking team - we click refresh until an order comes through, take it off the shelf, put a sticker on it and put it in the relevant pile.

The website is down, no orders are coming through. We're watching a nightmare before Christmas.
permalink ....which is exactly
what the website team are having
permalink HA!

I'm so bored. I think I'm going to go hide in a corner and play Doom.
permalink on a fridge?
permalink Sadly we don't have any of the fridges with a screen
otherwise I'm sure I could.
permalink ARRRRRGH! indeed
I'm being patronised at work already. I don't know the business apparently and I don't know how to interpret data and I don't know how to define a value stream and I don't know how to coach. I am working in the most complex and important business ever.

it's friday, happy family weekend ahead

Arrrrrrrrrgh for good measure
permalink Have you joined Manley's startup??
permalink I wish
I've joined a place run by an aged yuppie that loves golf

(at least they pay me)
permalink I pay people.
Although one has quit.
permalink Whatchoo recruiting for?
permalink I need 2 devs now
and an SDR.
permalink Software Defined
permalink Salesa Development Representative.
But now you mention it, the radio sounds nice too.
permalink I could do salsa development.
But I do already have a job.
permalink What kind
of dev?
permalink Node.js

Experienced Back End Developer
Knowledge in React, Express API Node, Python
GCP and Docker would be a bonus.

permalink That's me out then,
though if I carry on eating like this I'll def be an experienced back end developer.
permalink Have you practised your
Paddington Hard Stare?

Now is the time.
permalink I've been going with the closed down
sergeant's blank face for the time being.

I shouldn't rock the boat until I have my feet under the table
permalink It will certainly be easier
when you can use your knees
permalink 4rf!
and yes it will
permalink I managed to do 2 days' work
today, that was a bit more hectic than I'd planned. Never rely on clinical pharmacologists to do anything when they say they will, that's my advice.
permalink i was quite happy ths afternoon
to find that what my boss was after wasn't much, and the other thing had already been done by someone else
permalink I bought myself a Raspberry Pi 400
typing here is the furthest I'e got with the book so far.

small keyboard, looks nice though.
permalink who remembers line rider
thread So England back to Tiers again next week.
And lots of confusing rules that lots of people will largely ignore.

Pubs shut in Tier 3, booze only with food in Tier 2.
permalink Yeah... I suspect we will be tier 2
I can see us eating a lot of shared pizza in December.

Not clear if we can meet in peoples gardens... but I doubt it.
permalink I really wish the pubs could stay shut longer.
I know that for us lot they are fine, but the pubs in Dawlish are just drunk twats spitting at each other from 8" apart.
permalink No mixing indoors should keep that down
I'd be surprised if anywhere is as low as tier 1 pre Christmas... or at least pre 16th december which would be the first review date.

permalink What I do have
is total faith in the UK government* to fuck it up in some monumentally stupid fashion

*with the help of the general population too
permalink A matter of when, not if
I expect.

permalink As long as it isn't
Tiers Morgan
permalink I could really do with not having to go to the mother in law's
at Christmas
permalink Well a frozen Turkey and a well timed cough could sort that
Or just say "better safe than sorry"
permalink this is absolutely what I'm aiming to do
although the number of relatives that have tried to invite themselves to us for christmas is mental.

Luckily we don't have the space or the inclination
permalink Could you just tell your other half
that you don't want to go?
permalink more than my life's worth...
permalink if you're unlucky
that could be the literal problem. talk some fucking sense into her
permalink Pubs open or shut doesn't affect me
What I really want to do is be able to go swimming (not outside)
permalink How big is your bath?
permalink I'm now singing that to the tune of
How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Geese
permalink I really hope this
is an hilarious unintentional typo.
permalink Sadly
it was entirely intentional
permalink are you flirting with me?
permalink I'm looking forward
to the screaming tales of woe on the 23rd & 24th of December from people (especially London based) who haven't managed to buy Advance tickets for long distance trains buying expensive open return tickets instead and turning up to Kings Cross/Euston/Paddington to find that they're just not allowed to board.
Or those travelling on the East Coast that manage to make a reservation for then, but five days later attempt to travel back to Kings Cross...
permalink Yeah.
I don't know yet whether we'll be able to go to Scotland at all. And if so, whether we'll be able to get train tickets by the time we can make a decision.

And then I am also of the mind that us going from London and taking 14 year-old daughter who's mixing with hundreds of kids at school to see my elderly mother for a few days probably isn't very smart.
permalink The Spaniard gave up any hope of getting to Spain to see her family ages ago.
If we don't go to Scotland, we might manage to see her sister in Beaconsfield on Christmas Eve. Maybe.
permalink how the hell can your daughter be 14?
what sort of freakish time-travel experiments have you been carrying out to accelerate that.

we have sacked off going to scotland. It'll be a shit-show as far as i can tell.. if we are lucky we'll have the neighbours round here.
permalink We've also sacked off going to Sussex
at least partly for laziness.
permalink She'll be 14 on 23/12!
Time fucking flies.
permalink Bloody
permalink One of mine is an adult with a job.
He commutes.
permalink Yep. We have now sacked it off too.
I feel awful about not seeing my mum and daughter, but given a) Covid risk, b) the shitshow of everyone travelling up and down the country on the same day c) limited train availability anyway, d) the fact that there are no East Coast mainline trains AT ALL between the 25th and the 30th, so everybody who trained it between Scotland and England in either direction on the 23rd/24th will be trying to go the other way on the 27th and having to use the limited capacity on the west coast.
permalink This xmas
We'll be mostly taking off early, driving up to Rotorua, where we've got a bach (holiday home) booked for about 10 days, then up to my folks' for xmas itself. Then back to Welly for general NYish festivities with stuff like parties and pubs and the like
permalink Show off.
permalink I mentioned a bit ago that I'm looking at a new PC.
So I'm a little stuck between an i7 10700kf, 32GB ram, watercooling, onboard graphics and an i7 10700f, 16Gb, 1660 graphics.

I realise this is higher spec than I need, but I'm going high so that it'll last longer.

I'm erring towards more ram and faster clocks speed and don't bother with the graphics since I'll not really be gaming and it doesn't add a massive amount to video editing.
permalink those both sound insanely powerful
but if you get the staff discount fill your boots.

"water cooling" doesn't sound like something that aids lifespan though,
permalink I've got a budget of £700.
The liquid cooler is an all in one closed unit, for £40.

This kind of stuff has come a long way since I last looked at it.
permalink I opted for an AMD Ryzen
and a better graphics card. The Ryzen 9s are stupendous, and cores and graphics are more important for the sort of stuff I do.
May be worth a look as on like-for-like performance to price AMD can save a bit over Intel, giving you more room to play with.
You might get 32gb and a 1660.
permalink I ended up with the normal i7
16GB ram and a 1660.

I've done a load of Intel training, half of which is about how terrible AMD's technology is, mostly based on the way they stack cores making comms between cores significantly slower on ryzens than intels. Given how old my current laptop and desktop are I don't think I'd really notice the difference.

I can always add in another 16gb ram later.

I'm eyeing up star wars Squadrons now but having just spent a vast amount of money another £20 seems a bit far.
thread So yesterday was a bit interesting.
The Spaniard and I were both working at home. I'm just hanging up a work call at about 9.45 when she runs from the bedroom where she'd been on the phone, runs out of the flat door to the hallway and shouts for me. Various noises ensue.

Two little shits were nicking a bike. You can’t even get in here without a RFID fob (or physically abusing the lock)... shesaw them out of the back window coming from the totally enclosed secure courtyard into our stair carrying a bike with no back wheel... she ranout of our door and grabbed the bike from one guy, who then got away. The other toerag ran upstairs for some reason... which meant he was trapped in the stairwell. When he came down, I managed to grab him, another neighbour ran out and we held him down while he tried to convince us of all sorts of bullshit. Someone called the police, someone else got the concierge... two other neighbours blocked both doors so we could let go of him once he calmed down a bit and he couldn't go anywhere. Police came, had a look at the CCTV footage (this place is well camera’d), and promptly arrested the little fucker...

Wrestling a teenage bike thief wasn’t on my plan for the day.
permalink i trust you are now shopping for spandex jumpsuits
with "the illuminator" stitched into the front.

and wearing your y fronts outside them.

(avoid the capes)
permalink Just a big graphic of a lightbulb.
permalink on the pants or
the spandex?
permalink Pants
Front and centre.
permalink Presumably the sunshine is to the rear
permalink good work
meanwhile for those of you not on twitter, that daft sod mushybees is in t'hospital (and has been for several days now) being throughly prodded as she was Not Well and they're trying to work out why
permalink I take it they're no closer then?
permalink They say it is one of three things:
'An Infection' (Given that it has been three days that seems too vague)

Not looking good though.

Probably not smelling good either, as she went in with just the underwear she was wearing.
permalink Ah shite
that all sounds rather serious.
permalink I too
say ah shite. Hope they find out whatever's ailing her sooner rather than later!
permalink Update, much
rejoicing yesterday upon having a poo, and threatening to attempt escape tomorrow if the promised surgeons don't turn up after 2 days of not. In other words, not doing too badly it would seem, we get regular updates of the antics of some of the olds on the ward too.
permalink Blooming heck
People need to stop being I'll

Though I bet he's faking, I bet he likes a good prodding
permalink (corrected the fucking mistake in here ffs I'm better than that)
(I hope)
permalink I spoke to her earlier -
she is in hospital as him, because she wants to get things seen to without complicating anything or confusing anyone, but I think that is getting her down a little.
permalink yeah I'd picked up she's in a blokes ward
these things aren't simple
permalink No, I can totally understand why she just did the easiest thing in the circumstances
but I worry that it will get to her - it is boring on the ward, too much time to think.
permalink I've met Bees once years ago
and had next to no interaction since, but I mean, fucking hell
permalink Biscuit gig,
Cambridge Junction. I remember you saying your Missus wasn't sure what to make of me at all XD
permalink which was 2013 apparently
flipping heck
permalink It was indeed
Fuck's sake! Mind you, we've only been back to Yurp once since then, in 2017...time flies
permalink 2013, sweet jacob on a jetski.
Of course if I look at the pics it'll seem like yesterday.
permalink Yup, you me, Bees (as was), nuevo_matt, Al
Bongers, Anna etc

Seems like only yesterday. Sniff.
permalink Oo I've not talked to
Bongers for weeks, must sort that.
permalink I haven't properly talked to her in years
She's pretty elusive on the Bace of Fook these days
permalink I just use the
old-skool telebalance unit.
permalink Madness!
permalink I'm just a teenage bike thief baby
Oh, I'm just a teenage bike thief baby
Come with me to Ian's flat block, baby, with me
permalink I've got a nine hour shift today.
I still don't have my shoplive login (and am unlikely to get it at the weekend). So my shift today is going to be mind numbingly boring.
permalink Have a wank.
permalink No.
I've got the chromebook with me, might see if the internet is fast enough for stadia.
permalink It is :D
permalink I do not know what that means, but
Excellent news!
permalink Stadia is google's gaming platform.
It plays the game on their servers and streams it. That means you don't need any special hardware, just a suitable computer / tablet / phone / chromecast with controller.

So I'm in work with the chromebook google have loaned me, and if nobody's looking I can play the doom remake.

Nvidia do something similar called GeForce Now. That plugs into your steam account (and will plug into your epic account too) and you can play any of those games, and a load of play-for-free games too (fortnight, world of tanks, etc etc).

permalink also you can play multiplayer
with the 3 other people on Stadia
permalink I'm just impressed it's called stadia
and not stadiums
permalink This is my fourth full day of training in the last week and a bit
It's doing my head in. At least shoplive is going to seem better when I get started on it.
permalink I've just booked some holiday.
I couldn't book any before 16 January because Christmas, so I booked the rest of January, all but one week of February and all but one week of march. I had quite a bit to take.
permalink that's an awesome amount
how come you had so much?
permalink Honestly no idea.
By the end of the financial year I'll have been there a year and 7 months, so that's 11 weeks holiday in total (two and a bit weeks taken, 8.7 weeks booked). So that's statutory minimum plus bank holiday allowance maybe??

There's an app that does all the calculations, it's not like I just booked a load and hoped for the best.
permalink I'm at the other end of the scale
I have a 7 working day shutdown over Christmas and 3 of those days are going to be unpaid for me.

It could be worse, at least I'm salaried rather than contracting
permalink It pisses me off over here
that we have an enforced shut down over xmas, and we have to take those out of our allotted annual leave allowance. At least back in the UK, when there was a compulsory shutdown, those days weren't counted. Not where I was, anyway.
permalink the shutdown is mandated
Although I could probably work from home I'm not going to kick up a fuss as my feet aren't under the table yet.

A quick search threw up this:
which basically means they can tell you when to take holiday as long as it is reasonable
permalink Yeah, I suspect my previous UKian employer
was just being nice about it (whilst also massively underpaying us, so balances out).

What really pisses me off here, is the last day before xmas. It's a half day, so if you work it, you can fuck off at midday, without taking any leave. If you're already on leave (we will be, as we're off on pre-xmas hollibobs), you have to take a full day's leave. WTF?
permalink oh that bit's common
and really pisses off staff with non-local family
permalink It's in black and white in the contract
So it's 100% cast iron, and no fighting it. It's still massively shit though
permalink When I was in the nhs
There was an annual hooha over staff who were on getting half a day free because it's not fair on staff who weren't in.
permalink You seem to be seeing it as being forced to take a whole day's holiday
I see it as kindly letting staff fuck off home a little early.
permalink if I'm in on the last day before xmas
it's generally because I've got lots of shit that needs to be done before I go on leave that won't be done by lunchtime

it's just like at the moment, the university keeps giving us lots of extra 'well-being' days off, we were supposedly working 4-day weeks through the summer

but if the reduction in hours isn't actually matched by a reduction in the amount of work that needs to be done, it just makes things MORE stressful, not less. Unless you're also going to cut my teaching duties by 20% and talk to my funders to delete the last page of the research scope, then it's an entirely empty gesture.

Every year of my working life my various bosses have always said, "you can knock off early", but I've never had one say, "you can knock off early, I'll finish that for you."
permalink My new employer is not nice
he is an aged 80's yuppie
permalink everywhere I've worked
shutdown has been part of annual leave
permalink Statutory minimum
based on a 5 day week (pro rata for less, shit out of luck for more!) is 28 days which includes public holidays
permalink Is it?
I thought it was one week in 13.

So they've given me two years of holidays not 1 and 7/12ths worth
permalink all set out here
very clearly
note that if any leave year (as defined by your employer, or if not, assumed to be from your contract start date) you do not take your minimum then your employer is breaking the law.
thread Pew pew pew
Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew
permalink A bit
permalink I still haven't found a face mask
that doesn't steam up my glasses
permalink my problem is
I've got a massive head
permalink You need wire. Have you got wire?
Also you could ask someone like Dominocat to make you an especially massive one for your massive heed.
permalink probably somewhere
and yes, I probably should
permalink It's a bit of a faff
But a bit of micropore medical tape across the bridge of your nose, sticking the mask down, does wonders
permalink I'm going to try taking my cloth one in
then stop breathing so much
permalink I have dropped
my (safety) specs further down my nose and they don't seem to catch the steam
permalink How true

In other news, someone I knew from university just got in touch on LinkedIn to apologise for being horrible and a bad friend. How bizarre. Not that she's not right, she was horrible and a bad friend and I must confess deep down to being a little bit pleased that it's been troubling her for so long.
permalink I had someone do that, and it was really odd, because I had never thought that way about them.
Let me find it. Life is weird - I am happy that your 'friend' reached out to you.

[Edit: "If you are who I think you are, I assume you would have very little nice to say to me. I was complete jerk and treated you in a horrible way and never have forgotten nor forgiven myself." - But I have zero understanding of what he thinks he did.]

[Edit2: I found my response: "Really? I was expelled at the end of Christmas term in 1988. I have to be honest, all I remember of you was buying shares in the school company, buying pornography at the shop around the corner and your name. To be frank, your name and a chap called Farmer are all that I recall at all, so you absolutely can forgive yourself, since I don't remember it an iota.
Strange - one of the chaps I was at school with subsequently spent years hating me because I bullied him and yet I have no memory of doing that at all and I similarly do not remember you being especially unkind to me either - I guess that what we take away from our memories are specific ideas and small points of strong interest, rather than the whole, so our memories can be very different.
Of course, I could just not be who you think I am. I sort of hope that I am, because that way you really could stop worrying about it."]
permalink I can't imagine there were many Manleys for that bloke to confuse
were there?

As for me, nope, I definitely remember how awful she was and let her screw with my head far too much for far too long - I even had to think for a good few days before I accepted her LinkedIn connection, I was so unsure I wanted to open that can of worms again.
permalink That sucks.
I do not really have anyone like that - I am an annoying arsehole, so I figure I deserve it.
permalink Yep. Now I have to think what to say in response
Probably something like:
we all do things we are ashamed of, but admitting it and apologising is a pretty big thing, so thanks for that, especially after all these years but water under the bridge etc blah blah,
thanks and have a nice life
permalink Maybe the person who thought you bullied him
Got this guy mixed up with you

As did this guy
permalink Those of you who have met me
or even walked past me on Paddington station, know that i am not to be confused often.
permalink I definitely walked past you at Paddington Station once
so I can attest to this.
permalink I know - I was wearing brown boot, a blue jacket and jeans,
and you thought I were wearing a blue suit.

It was hard to forgive.
permalink I suspect I was concentrating on not saying 'fucking hell, that's Manley'
out loud to pay much attention to the exact make up of your clothing as I passed you and your colleagues.
permalink Not my colleagues.
Just the queue for the Pullman car.
permalink You really are working to justify your board name
aren't you?
permalink You should know that I do not see pedantry as a negative
not at all.
permalink ...shortly followed by
trying to sell you essential oils?
permalink No, but she's definitely in the business of selling unnecessary shit
if her job title is anything to go by.
permalink Thanks
Now I have snot on my keyboard.
permalink Sounds like you need some essential oils
to unblock those sinuses...
permalink I've got some eucalyptus
will get that right out