thread Well. THAT was entertaining.
I'm back home after 2 weeks in hospital thanks to something I didn't know I'd had for months blowing up on me causing a massive blood clot in my leg.

Because I'm a foolish northern twat I put up with the pain and inability to walk much for 6 days until it got too much and I messaged my GP who took one look at my leg via video call and booked me into A&E. My team leader at work came over to take me in.

5.5h on a porter's wheelchair later I was put on a gurney and various tubes were inserted. Aside from the clot, blood tests showed other things were wrong but they didn't know what straight away so administered saline drips and antibiotics via IV to crash any infections. A bed was granted which was to be home for the next 2 weeks.

Probes and ultrasounds showed the size of the clot (mid thigh right into groin) but also that liver and kidneys looked ok. However my pee was all protein so kidney disease was suspected and after much pain I had 4 biopsies which showed I had Membranous Nephropathy which arrives out of the blue, fucks things up then in most people scarpers never to return.

Bloody NHS nurses are ace aren't they? If it wasn't for some of the loud bullshitting daily heil reading fuckbags I was sharing the ward with I'd have actually enjoyed the stay, the care nurses and docs were brilliant and the food was good and plentiful. Last night in my own bed again though....bliss.

*edit* I also lost 9kg in weight in just over a week, all fluid. In old money that's well over a stone's worth of wet. Holy shit.
permalink How weird, I have never heard of that before.
Gurney is a good word, isn't it?

I do not normally approve of Americanisms seeping into our language, but Trolley is tinny.
permalink Gurney
He was in Slade, no?
permalink I believe
he played lead face.
permalink Wasn't that
Dirk Benedict? ;-)
permalink I love it when a
Noddy Hodler comes together.
permalink I ain't getting in no wheelchair Nod!
permalink Blimey.
Has it fucked off now?
permalink Won't know for a while
certainly my kiddleys are working fine now apart from the protein bit, which the docs were very happy about. The protein filters just take time to heal which is helped by the BP meds. No other drugs required other than water tablets and the recently renamed by Mrs Witchy 'antikoalas' for blood thinning to reduce the clot. No booxe though 'cos I'm on a strict 1.5L/day intake limit. Bah.
permalink crikey hope it does scarper
also, great peel session etc
permalink As soon as the doc said what it was
I pictured the band logo as one of those spiky death metal types :)
permalink Needs more umlauts
permalink blooming heck
kidneys eh? who needs em.

2 weeks is too long for a hospital visit, I prefer a couple of days, maybe in autumn, depends when th ekids are off school
permalink If it hadn't have been for the daily heil
reading gobshites across the way from me last week I'd actually have enjoyed the visit, night time sleeplessness notwithstanding of course. Powernaps FTW!
permalink Fucking hell man
Was it all just from that membranous nephropathy? Bloody drama queen, that's what you are. Glad you're on the mend now though.
permalink Yep.
I've had that for at least a year and should've spotted the fluid buildup. I thought I was just getting fat. MN leads to nephrotic syndrome which leads to clots so I'm lucky it ended up in my leg and not elsewhere.
permalink How frothy was your pee?
We need to know*

*no we don't, but it's an interesting symptom and one which you'd expect a bloke would notice if he had it
permalink TBH I never noticed,
particularly at night when peeing was only lit by a nightlight. Should've noticed the fluid buildup though.
permalink It is fortunate that Witchy rhymes with pee
so that I am able to run around the drawing room singing 'Wi-it-chee's got frothy pee!' whilst doing a dancer which mostly involved pointing up in the air with my index fingers and then gesticulating towards my right butt cheek.
permalink to be fair
that much fluid building up over that long doesn't feel odd. been there, done that. that much building up over a couple of weeks, that's when you notice things are a bit off!
permalink Funnily enough when my GP said
what had been happening you were the first bloke I thought of!
permalink Saves a fortune in bubblebath.
permalink well, there we go
glad you're on the mend.
permalink *puts on best Steve Irwin voice*

Also, Oxford Kidney Unit were one of the less known Throbbing Gristle spinoffs in the 80s, great tunes though
permalink Glad you're home again!
permalink It's
The Best(tm)!
permalink Last New Year a friend walked out on his wife and four kids
because, he said, his mental health was bad. Then just before lockdown he revealed he'd actually shacked up with someone else.

He's not really bothered with his kids, and he's been an arsehole to his wife. We're bubbled with her cos being alone with four kids when your ex is being an arse isn't easy.

Recently he's upped his aggression, including threatening me. Apparently when we went camping last September I did something untoward (and unnamed) to his son, and he's going to make it public. It's an empty threat, if I'd have done anything he wouldn't have waited a year to bring it up. So I've done what anybody would do - reported it as a safeguarding issue to the church of england (it was a churchy camping trip) and let the trustees of the charity he works for know that he used his work twitter account to threaten me.

But what really bothers me is that his oldest child turned 15 recently, and he hasn't contacted her since June. A couple of days ago he closed her xbox account, meaning she's lost all her friends and all her downloads (games, dlc, etc).
permalink I think you can definitely remove the word 'friend' from your title.
Il let you choose what to put instead.
permalink That is massively shitty
Good luck.

And what Amy said too.
thread went out for a jog at lunchtime
almost got it right
permalink CJC?
permalink looks normal enough to me!
is "4rf!" still at thing?

How was everyones weekends?
permalink it was good..
beer, beer , wine
would summarise the 3 days fairly well.

with a tiny amount of gardening thrown in.

permalink that's a great weekend!
permalink Quite weekendy
Also involved beer, wine and food, plus a bit of cycling (utilitarian rather than fun... too fucking windy), a bit of walking, and a bit of exploiting the Hugo Boss sample sale egregiously, as the Spaniard is head office staff and has teh uplaod codez..

I got some lovely £369 boots for £69. She got a £950 coat for £99...
permalink I once picked up a
tailored "Hugo Boss" suit in ZA for R650 which was about £35 then

Are you able to order more stuff? As I need to replace my boots for winter, they leak
permalink Nah... the sample sale is what it is when it is.
Also, they don't have multiple sizes. If you're lucky, things fit. If they don't they don't have other sizes... it's the sample stock they make to put in a showroom for trade buyers to order... so they only make one or two of everything.

I don;t plamn on wearing those boots in the rain if I can help it... they're blue Italian suede with leather soles...
permalink ah, fair enough, I doubt they'd fit my size 11 feet
I need a pair of casual brown boots for day to day wear. I should stop procrastinating and go and get some really

Are you boots comfy?
permalink They are very comfy. Although I haven't worn them for long yet
They're defimitely for poshing up when appropriate. I'll stick with my RM Williams for day-to-day bootage.

I've also got some mental John Fluevog boots in purple crocodile-textured leather with studs down the back of the heel for more outrageous occasions.
permalink I just have cheap chukka boots normally
permalink I have cheap shoes too.
But I do quite like my quality footwear...
permalink I'm not sure I can justify more than £100 at the moment
I also need new work shoes for when I get a job.
permalink There are plenty of decent boots for £100
Without my level of ponciness.
permalink I was about to go '£100 for a pair of shoes!' like a proper Scot
and then I remembered that when out in the hills I'm probably wearing about a grand's worth of clobber, all told
permalink Running/hiking equipment
is excluded from all these sorts of "how much for those shoes?" calculations!
permalink I second this
permalink Agreed entirely
permalink I know but I'm not a shopping fan
I might just go with the fatface boots as they seem to be OK for a few years.
permalink Unless you have size 14 feet
at which point it is basically impossible to buy footwear.

I generally just have to resort to wearing size 12 boots that hurt.
permalink so the king of thailand
had a dog called Air Chief Marshall FuFu

it wasn't just a name, he was actually an air chief marshall in the thai military.

the king sounds as mad as you might expect of a billionare absolute monarch with a hareem of ex-military concubines
permalink only 10 more days til I can (try and) start running again
discovered when I was finally able to see a physio that I've been running on a stress fracture for some time....oops
permalink Funnily enough
You wouldn't be the first person I've known to do that. Or even the fifth!
permalink I did suspect
but the inability to see anyone to confirm, and the fact the pain would go away after running, made me just carry on

in a way it's good, because if it heals properly it doesn't recur, as opposed to all the other chronic problems it could have been

bit annoying to have missed the nicest part of the year for running though
permalink I'm just hoping to get to the end of next week
without any niggles getting out of hand. And I'll pick up whatever pieces remain post race!
permalink Nice W/Y/H
Never quite been arsed to do Strava art. Maybe in a few week's time when I can just run for shits'n'giggles again.

Currently my Tuesday run is only 8k rather than the less pleasant 22k it was recently.
permalink And weekend was good
Mrs C and I went out for an absolutely lovely meal on Friday night at Charley Noble. much excellent food and very good wine was partaken of.

Sat was a shorter (30k) long run with a good mate and then chilled. Sat night/Sun morning all hell broke loose weather wise, thunder, hail, gales etc. Ah spring in Wellington!
permalink Jog on
although it doesn't give much sense of scale, so I have no idea if it's a hunking massive one or a wee chipolata
permalink There's covid in my school now
A staff member has tested positive, that class is now in isolation along with two other staff members.

The weirdest bit is how normal this all seems.
permalink we got an email about bubbles and positives and planning etc the other day
I don't envy the school sorting it all out.
permalink Yep.
A few schools locally have shut altogether. If we get it in lower age groups it'll shut the school due to staff having to move across settings.
permalink It is all so horribly predictable.
The children should not be in school. Nobody is going to suffer from a year out, except the vulnerable and they are able to go in.

I hate my children going on a train every day, particularly the older ones, who could easily do this from home.
permalink I find your pedagogy suspect
and your evidence based on a wealthy family with multiple children and at least one adult at home.

You have the option to homeschool them.
thread Did we all know about this already?

If so, why is cheese?
permalink I'd like to say glasscock
But had not seen that before. It's safe to say the first 5 seconds is by far the best bit of their set
permalink I think I'm getting old
how could anyone like that music?

How is everyone doing this week?
permalink some people just love horses i guess
permalink Feeling horribly unemployed.
I quite like the music though.
permalink me too but there is progress now
plus I am now all too comfortable in jogging bottoms now it has cooled down a bit
permalink the students are back
but it's all remote teaching so it's meant that the past 2 months have been spent hurriedly moving all teaching online, and now the term has actually started I don't have to do much

it's pretty shitty all round, though, because universities haven't generally had the balls to call off in-person teaching ahead of time, so you've now got shitloads of students on campus in halls (providing perfect conditions for covid) but doing all their classes remotely. Like everything else in this country, everyone seems to be using the working assumption that the trend will be towards normality, when the evidence is we're going strongly the other way.
permalink All the students are back here and partying like there is nothing wrong
permalink 15 cases in Exeter Uni on Tuesday.
permalink 124 cases at Glasgow Uni halls, just round the corner
the thing is, they're all sitting in their shitty little student rooms, and all their teaching is online so they're bored as fuck

what exactly do we expect to happen? and given that they're all using shared kitchens/bathrooms it doesn't need parties to be an issue

what would we have done when we were horny 18 year olds with questionable hygiene?
permalink I would have fucked everything that moved.
Of course I would have.

I am aware that I am affluent (if unemployed) with a nice house and a family and garden, and I am aware how much worse it is for others, but moving around the country to do online courses from a different location or to have a shit mini-break in fucking Dawlish is cuntish.

Stop going on holiday during a pandemic, you bunch of fucking tossrockets.
permalink Normally I'd agree,
but I think I'd have broken if not for a week in St David's
permalink yup
we had our 2 weeks away up north, would have gone mental without some time away from the flat

slightly fearing the winter
permalink The idea being that those of us that can afford to take a break
should do so at the risk of the lives of the vulnerable who cannot?

permalink the idea being
that everything should be a sensible compromise of risk and benefit, with all appropriate mitigating measures used

so, yes, at the current level of prevalence it is reasonable and acceptable for people to be able to travel around the country for leisure, providing they take the same care and protection as they would at home. If the prevalence rises back towards March/April levels, then this might not be reasonable.
permalink I totally disagree.
People who are vulnerable are having their towns invaded by cunts from Birmingham.

No fucker is wearing a mask, they are millling around everywhere and the reason we will rise back up to higher levels is because they are bringing the virus here.

Virology is well documented and understood. A mini break in Dawlish is a shit reason to kill old people. Stay the fuck at home.
permalink that assumes that in other areas there is even distribution of cases
many of these people may be coming from places with zero cases for all you know.

I mean dawlish has had about 1.1 cases per 1000 people, and you've had these cunts all summer, evidently this outbreak isn't following your logic.

but more importantly, you'd be happy to let all your neighbours businesses collapse? mass job losses and the knock on effects to avoid what is at the moment a fairly low-risk activity?

I mean deaths are down at the level of "falling down stairs" and way below 'normal' flu deaths (even at this time of year, not during the flu season) and i don't see you out there with placards every year saying we should lock down... I mean do you get your family flu jabs?

not that you are going listen ot any of this or any logic or perspective on this.

That said, the cunts can put a mask on, but wearing one outdoors is almost entirely pointless
permalink I do get flu jabs, yes.
The idea that going to places with low case counts is a good idea then we are going to change those low counts pretty damned fast.

That 1.1 cases is not accurate though - it is more like 1.1 deaths.
permalink From th Gov website
Teignbridge 251 cases total 187.1 cases per 100,000 people. So that's 1.9 cases per 1000 people

Deaths are 17 per 100,000 people. So you are out by a factor of 10


And given that the current death rate nationally is 100th of the peak numbers then the numbers will be very small.
permalink Stop using facts!
Don't you know this is a post-truth world now!?
permalink Ah! You said 'Dawlish' but meant 'the area around it'.
We have fewer than 13,000 people, and I personally know of at least 4, and have heard of 9, which would put us at a little over 0.7, not counting deaths at holiday sites or the hospital.

Dawlish will always suffer worse than the surrounding area, because it has such a high concentration of at-risk people, being very old, having 2 schools for the disabled and housing a huge forensic mental health hospital.
permalink Find the area's you are talking about
On the gov website and do the actual numbers "places near it" is fluff
permalink Ok cool
Let's burn out all our volunteers.
That'll end well for 'the vulnerable'.

Anyway, there's not a lot of point ascribing blame to people acting legally. Blame the government.
permalink exactly.. but not just blame the government
burn THEM out

*juggles comical spherical bombs*
permalink Taking a break is fine, just don't come here from cities.
I do not understand this fascination people have with travelling and calling it a rest.
permalink I don't understand how anyone can deliberately live in a tourist destination
and get annoyed that people go there on holiday.
permalink I was born and grew up here.
I do not deliberately live in a tourist location, I live in a rural setting because my father was a milking machine engineer.

I have never liked tourists - they drive up prices and drive down wages, making a few people wealthy at the expense of the majority of the populace.

permalink For some reason I thought you'd moved there.
permalink My family have lived in Shaldon for well over a century
I am, admittedly, almost three and a half miles away now, but I got my first job here in the eighties.
permalink that's great. You don't understand it
it's fine to not understand other people.

but, also, this is something i've heard from other people. And the common thread is almost always that they've had jobs that have required a lot of/too much long distance business travel.

permalink most people spend their entire working lives
working without business travel
permalink I'd point out the irony of a man
complaining about tourists coming to his 'hood who used to fucking jet off to San Francisco for a two hour meeting, but for some reason, by ironymeter has just asploded
permalink I did not do it
in a fucking pandemic.
permalink A fucking pandemic?
To be fair an outbreak of nymphomania sounds OK. Certainly better than the current shitshow
permalink Honestly,
I am too old.

I do not think i could be bothered.
permalink it's just small town nimbyism
forgetting who subsidises their way of life
i wouldn't expect anything less
permalink It 100% is NIMBYism.
In a pandemic, NIMBYism is a sensible clinical approach.

As for who subsidises us, we have all the food in the countryside.
permalink ... And manley was earning a ridiculous amount
permalink $235k
So yes, silly money - nobody deserves that.
permalink I have no objection to ppl earning lots of money
I have a problem with ppl who don't share.

How's the job hunt? I highly recommend quality of life over money.
permalink Well,
I like to think that I share normally, and the fact that I am not sharing at the moment highlights the difference and makes me think I must do normally. I certainly do not mind paying taxes though.

I got three job offers in a matter of an hour. I turned one down in the states, accepted one in Spain for a month, to see how we get on and with the owner of the agency knowing that I also provisionally accepted the English one - I am going to see how they go and choose this month.
permalink Jolly good!
Does that mean you get to go to Spain?
permalink I do hope not
People shouldn't be travelling in a pandemic you know! ;-)
permalink Well I'd quite like to go to Spain
so I wouldn't begrudge him the yummy ham and anchovies
permalink Oh, I'd love to be able to travel to Spain*
Just pointing out a little potential hypocrisy

*fuck it, Australia would be a start
permalink I can't even pop up to Scotland to see mum and daughter...
...since I can't visit anyone at home there. I'm not even supposed to have anyone from another household in my car.

So I'm kinda stuck in London for the foreseeable without being able to see them...
permalink That sucks
But I hear Dawlish is nice this time of year
permalink Well done!
High cockalorum
permalink I would have definitely
burnt out if it wasn't for grandparents helping out.
permalink When Mrsjam was first pregnant
Both my mum and step mum said "I'm only an hour away, you can call on me whenever you need me". I don't think they've ever been available without arranging it months in advance, neither will change a nappy, both expect us to arrange for them to visit on days when there's nothing else happening (which don't exist).

Fortunately we've got some great friends
permalink my folks are 2 hours away
and hers are 3 hours away (4 if you factor in a stop)

but they are very accommodating, I don't expect them to change a nappy, but even being able to leave the little one with them for 45 minutes whilst I shower and have a coffee is nice.
I was able to sleep off a migraine yday rather than suffering through it which was amazing!
permalink I keep thinking about when I was in self catered halls.
The combination of a lack of fridge and freezer space with reliance on food from packets would mean we'd have had no chance of having enough food in for two weeks.

The flat was tiny, our rooms were tiny. We didn't get a telly or games console for the first few weeks.

Lockdown in those conditions would've been horrific, but it's have probably done better at my course.
permalink I'm doing a training on a document management system for a company I work with
tell you what, the people that design and sell all this shit should be rounded up and put against the wall.
permalink apparently it's accessible
"from the internet"
permalink University Hospitals Bristol
had a document management system made by a chap who worked there that was brilliant. It was small and light and worked.
permalink admittedly what we need to do is pretty complicated
but the new ones never seem to add much to the previous versions, apart from a slightly prettier user interface. That only ever fucking work in Chrome.
permalink This had version control, review dates which stopped the document being accessible,
Audience control, and branched admin control.
permalink christ they are all terrible in the construction industry
"oh i uploaded the drawing, didn't you see it" amongst the 3million daily notifications you get every day
permalink This. Very much this.
All utter shite.
permalink IT should be an industrial service (like HR or finance)
But IT rarely seems to support the real business needs, rather just keep doing new projects that they think people need.

It's always frustrating
permalink I think in theory
We have access to document management here but my group doesn't use it.

I'm not sure if that's better or worse than at.mynlast place where we used Cognidox
permalink The programmers of cognidox
Should probably get death by cheese grater
permalink When we worked on Terminakl Five, 2000-2008,
they used a HORRENDOUS thing called Documentum.

Or DonkeyMental as it was known to most.

It's most heinous crime, of many, was that it generated document numbers that were about 25 characters long.
permalink I have recently discovered Chaource
and I think it might possibly be the Best Cheese
permalink Don't know that one
So much cheese, so little time!
permalink me either
but it seems the telegraph purports it to be a big hit with their readers.. they demand it!

we could be losing meep! is it too many years of tweed and academia pipe smoke
that have riven him to the dark side?
standby for updates as we get them..
permalink it does have a
good crossword...
permalink This is how it starts!
permalink Anyone offer advice about mouse traps?
cos one just ran by while I was ironing.

Now, I knew we had mice so I've got traps and they've ignored them. But the cheeky bugger just popped out in the living room.
permalink we had a lot of success with these when we were bumpkins

just stick a blob of peanut butter in the end
permalink The problem with human traps
is you've now got a mouse to dispose of. How far away are you prepared to go to release it so it doesn't just come straight back in?

We've moved over to killy-death ones like these:

Fuckers still often ignore them though. Although no sightings in a while. Usually start of autumn/winter when they fancy living somewhere warmer

permalink we'd take them in the car
and drop them off a few miles away, coincidentally in an area with nesting Red Kites

I think the other key thing is to wash them thoroughly after use, as mice can smell where bad shit has gone down.
permalink Yup, they always get a deep clean
after they've been used. Normally a clean kill, although the idiot that just got it's leg caught (and was trying to run around the lounge with the trap) did have to be dispatched more directly.
permalink I've just ordered some humane traps
Because the bugger are the birthday cake but didn't set the trap off
permalink a mouse trap ran accross your living room?
i'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to do that.
permalink peanut butter
loaded trebuchet
permalink Peanut Butter Trebuchet?
Great Peel session in 85
permalink Also, coincidentally, a fine double dry-hopped IPA from East London
permalink made from shia laBeouf's tears?
those filthy hipsters will stop at (appropriating) nothing
permalink well this is wonderfully hypnotic
even just for the sher variety of ways you can make a bridge open.
EDIT: WIth the link this time
permalink I also like the bits where it goes a bit Mario Kart.
permalink it seems i've actually cycled part of that
5m34 to 7m29

and crossed the bridge at 4m58

not that this means anything to any of you
permalink couple that the Dutch don't, as far as I know have
that the Greeks do:
1. a ferry permanently moored at one end, possibly the only RORO where you roll on and off without ever stopping
2. one that sinks
permalink Clever
permalink supposedly the tethered ferry
is something to do with maintaining island status for financial reasons (which sounds like nonsense, but nonsense that's believed by the local government)
permalink Ooh!
I have paid work for October at least.

Not huge money, but money I desperately want
permalink I would highly recommend
something called savings
permalink I have some money in the bank
and no debt.

I just don't have ENOUGH money in the bank to not work.
permalink yeah but presumably enough to keep the wolves from the door while job hunting?
you made it sound like you were destitute

I mean, redundancy and living off rainy day savings for a bit is kind of normal life for many people
permalink Yeah, I have no debt, no mortgage and about £200k in the bank.
I just don't like spending it, because it id for the kids to go to college with.

I am not pretending to be destitute, and I apologise if it seemed that way to anyone.
thread *dances*
I seem to have nailed the cycling thing

With meep making a final dash into second place.

Crazy race,. Unfortunately it's a whole week until the world championships, then another week until the giro, which overlaps the vuelta... Tough times.

permalink I heard about the time trial on Saturday so watched the highlights
that was great! I'd really enjoyed seeing Pogacar ramping all over the first week and then to pull that out of the bag. FOUR jerseys on one stage! Fabulous.
permalink Well, he certainly
won't get cold
permalink I have a governors meeting tonight.
The school have done a review, and governance is their weakest point and would be a problem should ofsted rock up.

As it's the start of the year we're electing chair and vice chair. There is only one nomination for chair.

Looks like I'm going to have to pull my finger out.
permalink You do not have to take it.
Our elections always used to be an argument over who was going to do it.
permalink I took it, I might as well continue
I'm not sure forcing someone else into post would get good results
permalink I think we were always forced into roles.
Three of us kind of took it in turns to be the scapegoat.

In reality one did the slightly more PTA stuff, 1 did the admin stuff and I did the governance, Unions, hiring/firing and LEA stuff.

I know my weaknesses.
permalink I haven't had to do anything with unions yet.
We have old blood, of which in the newest. We're all shit. I thought it was just me but the effort we put in is poor.

Then over the last year we've recruited more, our trust found us some who are teachers or former teachers so have realistic expectations and understand the context.

So now I need to pull the team together, use the skills of the new governors and either train up or get rid of the old blood. And if I do it well that might just include me, because part of leadership is raising up your replacement.
permalink you could pull the chair out
just before they sit down....

that's always funny
permalink I like this
Good for me
permalink I find the scoring a bit silly
where Pogacar can take 3 out of 4 jerseys, and win 3 stages to Roglic's 1, but at the end only has 10% more points

it seems wearing the yellow jersey is worth just as much as winning it, which seems daft

(not that that would make any difference to our standings, given you have them both)
permalink yeah, they dont really value the other jersays
usually that's not a problem as you win those by winning stages, which they also value highly.

I guess it keeps it closer so people pay attention during the race rather than it being a foregone conclusion or only worth checking at the end.

don't moan though you'd be last otherwise.
permalink how many points do you get
for riders from largely anonymous teams who may have been cheating?
permalink do they use pink/yellow face masks
to denote who's winning?
permalink some of the teams
did manage to get appropriate coloured masks for jersey holders to wear for interviews and podium ceremonies (they were racing without masks, this seems to have been fine).
Certainly for the final podium ceremonies in Paris, Pogacar, who won not just the overall (yellow) but the king of the mountains (white with red polkadots) and young rider (under 25, white), wire a different masks to claim each of the three, all with team branding on.

thread In the pub garden with the Spaniard and Mizemma
Cute puppy at next table. We make a fuss of it.

Food arrives. The Spaniard says, “I’m going to wash my hands”

Emma: “Me too... I’ve been dogging”
permalink seems about
permalink plus there was the puppy
.... boom boom.

I trust you nicked some chips while they were gone.
permalink As long as there were no more than six people
that seems OK to me
permalink it's ok there was money changing hands
there's no limit if it costs money
permalink We paid for the food?
permalink Kerching!
In which case, dog away to your heart's content!
permalink As an aside
The velogames cycling thing is getting very close.

I've got the main leaders, but others have the sprinters who have the likelyhood of winning a couple in the next few days.... Could be very tight.

permalink oo
how the mighty have fallen. al_ is now last and i'm on top...

going to be a bit topsy turvey for the next couple of days.
permalink my team is
quite cursed
permalink i've had 3 retire
poor old meep had most of his out or injured on the first day.

permalink it seems to have improved
but yes, for the first half I did seem to have cursed my picks - I remember one early stage where 5 different people fell off the peloton due to separate mechanicals/crashes and I had every one of them in my team
permalink You have some good chances today I think
permalink well
permalink fucking
permalink Indeed.
It's going to be so close for you to get second.... All will depend on if WvA wins tomorrow.... Which I wouldn't rule out.
permalink it's all on tenterhooks
chez meep
permalink Not just nineterhooks
But tenterhooks
permalink chaos
as all the sprinters go down hard at the intermediate, leading to Irish heartbreak and Pogacar winning a sprint to the finish winning green
permalink It wouldn't surprise me
permalink thankfully
that didn't happen
permalink We have a power cut.
I wandered out to send an email to work telling them, before i remembered that i am a penniless unemployed tramp.
permalink Are you ok?
permalink I would say 'no'.
On the whole.
permalink Oh that's right!
grass me up to tthe board.
permalink This is a safe space
No judgement here
permalink grass was involved..
a very laid back affair