thread Why
aren't we here yet?
permalink But
we are . . . .
permalink oh yeah
permalink I'm not
or am I ?
permalink I'm not sure who I am at this point
let alone where...

Out drinking with friend, who's in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend, till 6 am. Ended up top & tailing round hers - woken up at 9 by her burying her feet in my armpit in her sleep, then kicking me in the head when I tried to shrug her away.

Just spent 2 hours wandering round Sainsbury's in a daze trying to find the ingredients for a vegetarian dinner I'm cooking tonight.
permalink Lomes?
Adult limes.
permalink I just started watching the hobbit
It's been a long time since I read the Hobbit, did the Dwarves do a song and dance routine while putting the washing-up away in Bilbo's house in the book? It made me feel a bit queasy and I turned it off.

They don't keep doing that do they?
permalink it's on page 12
and yes they do
permalink oh god
permalink well I've not seen it yet
but the reason you don't remember all the singing in the book is because those bits were easy to skip, and if it's 9 hours of film then it's highly unlikely he's left any of it out
permalink I'm going to need
booze for this then