thread Is the Board Down??
permalink down and out
I think.
permalink i feel like i just wandered past a bunch of coats within a wardrobe
and popped out the otherside

so have you guys been having inter board conversations?
it could be like 3d chess or something..

oh i stuck up a fantasy F1 thing up on fb that geoff started.. he explains it all

who's the hairy nosed otter of a host of this place?

edit: oh and links work
permalink Oh shit
I am really, really oussed
permalink and here we all are
*does the little board dance*

and how are we all over here?
permalink why have I woken up?
I shouldn't be awake
permalink Science.
permalink do you have a stinking hangover?
I do
permalink me too
permalink I'll poke Jonas again
and once I've done that, I'll see if he still wants to redirect the domain to here
permalink have a
deeply subtle women's cycling team shirt design
permalink and the problem is?
/desperate middle aged leering
permalink pfft
they're already in tight fitting sports kit, seems to be taking a bit too far to, um accentuate things like that