thread Very nice
although the new post-a-ma-widget doesn't seem to work for me.
permalink hmmm
what happens?
permalink not for me either.
Just don't get a "new posts thing in the top right, and no highlighting. "Your Posts" works fine.

Edit: Ah. Deleting the highest post cookie sorted it. Of course.
permalink Thank you.
I knew there was a trick to it, but couldn't remember.
permalink Thanks, got it
although Firefox didn't make it easy.
permalink Try it on Safari on iPad...
I still haven't found it without deleting everything ever...
permalink You should try it in ie9 on our corporate network.
I've concluded that it actually can't be done.

So, Mr Meep, if you could just artificially bump up the post count to 400k or so, I'll be fine ;-)
permalink don't say
I'm not good to you :)
permalink My word
Active support!

Can I have the moon on a stick please
permalink sure
as long as it doesn't have to work in IE6
permalink Wowee!
That's brilliant! Thanks!

It's lucky I spotted it, without a new post doohicky, I could easily have missed your reply ;-)