thread spamming buggers
In my quietish last few weeks i've been doing some silly drawings for mate's kids.. I realised you can do a timelapse video of them.

So I've revived some B3ta-era creativity and stuck them on youtube with my droning voice over them. so if anyone you have eyeballs, or children with eyeballs, or friends with children with eyeballs ... you are contractually obliged to like and subscribe.

my aim for the next videos is to make the voicey stuff less boring.
permalink I like them
Oddly therapeutic.
permalink there is something about the timelapse that is slightly hypnotic
i just have to get the subliminal messaging sorted out
permalink Not until
you start producing merchandise
permalink I could get pencils made that say
"I can't draw either"
permalink you should set up
a sponsorship page so people can send you money
permalink send me money you say....
i like this idea.
permalink even if you make £20
it is still more than you had.

Incidentally my management fees are very reasonable.

permalink get the children to send you their pocket money
& you'll do a bespoke piece for them..
permalink Like taking candy from a baby
permalink I rather like this.
Good for me.
permalink feel free to seo the whole shit out of it and make me a millionaire
permalink It has been over a decade since I did any SEO work.
I am a pointy haired boss.

Well, I was, now I am an unemployed vagabond.
permalink Living the dream
permalink I am actually utterly terrified,
but if there is one thing I learned back when i was 40 it is that being glum about it is a full time job, so I am just going to go build an engine bay for my outboards instead.
permalink What happened?
You were employed a week ago, was it unexpected?
permalink I have known for a while,
but I am officially employed until 1st July.

But yeah, my life has rather fallen apart again.
permalink the single-line highlight on dax's hat
I find particularly pleasing
permalink it is the details that usually please me
particularly when i draw them and they surprise me, like i didn't know what i was doing....... umm

I look at ones i drew a month ago and it feels like someone else drew them.

permalink I'm the same
with code I write. Soon I'll have to add features to the light detecting code on the Pi that controls my nightlights and I've not looked at it since 2016.
permalink it's also sort of an ankylosaurus
which any sane person knows is the best dinosaur
permalink I've been also trying to resurrect creativity
so I grabbed a paintbrush for the first time in a few years and done a toucan
permalink Toucan play at that game!
Actually, no I can't. That's rather lovely
permalink nomnomnom
permalink that makes me want a guiness
is that a bad thing?
permalink I actually had a Guinness after looking at that
but did not make the association.
permalink I've just jogged for 25 minutes without stopping
I know this is hardly ultramarathon distance, but it's the furthest I've ever run, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.
permalink I haven't tried again after my 1 mile run made me feel about 75
... the cycling is going well still though
permalink I've been out for 4-6 miles every evening this week
but not today. Too knacked after DIY indoors. Mind, one of those tasks was putting a blind up at the office window which is cooling the room enormously.
permalink after my first drain (losing 18kg of fluid) i felt soooo light
while walking home i thought i'd run a bit.. turns out my legs moved slower than my torso's memory of what's entailed in running
i landed flat on my face
haven't attempted it since :)
permalink I'm impressed you could even walk home!
half the time I could barely stand up again
permalink that's chuffing brilliant! i only wish i knew children age to pass it on to (i did thumbs up though)
i've just resurfaced from my weekly tar dive into established politics.. who knew cummings would bring the nation together!?

permalink Al, are you feeling a need for more anger?

Chaotic can ignore my suggestions of using these bikes, they were great to ride

permalink apparently the UK operation
isn't affected?
not sure if that story mentions it (not a subscriber), but one of the issues is that they had taken over various "community" schemes in the US, which they're also nuking as part of this.

permalink Looks like they are de-branding the UK ones
But they are still here
permalink I've tried a couple of times but there wasn't one anywhere close...
Don;t see many around here.
permalink It's Eve's fourth birthday tomorrow.
Well it's Monday but me and her mum are both busy so we're doing it tomorrow.

I'm really sad that it's during lockdown. She should be with her friends, not just her parents.
permalink we did 6th at the start of April
we had to cancel her party with her friends and the painful one with the family and just sat in, I've got no photos at all from that day, it was grim. There's supposed to be a but here, I'm not sure what it is. You've got a long time to make it up though.
permalink She had a great day.
We'd had time to put the effort in and plan.

We'd decorated well, involving stuffing loads of balloons behind the blind in the lounge, where there's a bay window. So when she got up I asked her to open the blind and she loved it. Then when the balloons had cleared a bit she saw a giant 4 and all her presents.

We then sat in the conservatory for breakfast and she got excited because of something on the table, then looked up a bit and saw her new dinosaur paddling pool.

We had a few zooms with family, and I took a fence panel out in the back garden (there's a small wall and then concrete panels inside that, so creates distance) and had arranged for a few families to drop by over the afternoon and say hello which was really nice.

Then I set up her room as a cinema (sofa, telly, popcorn, expensive icecream in little tubs) and we watched Sword in the Stone. And we had candy floss because she'd asked for it. I borrowed a friend's machine and did a really crap job of it.

I'm sad that I didn't get to hang out with her friends' parents and it was far more effort than we'd normally do, but she had a great day.
permalink Good work!
permalink that's a good birthday
permalink sounds great!
Good job
permalink nice one
can you do my b'day?