thread the single-line highlight on dax's hat
I find particularly pleasing
permalink it is the details that usually please me
particularly when i draw them and they surprise me, like i didn't know what i was doing....... umm

I look at ones i drew a month ago and it feels like someone else drew them.

permalink I'm the same
with code I write. Soon I'll have to add features to the light detecting code on the Pi that controls my nightlights and I've not looked at it since 2016.
permalink it's also sort of an ankylosaurus
which any sane person knows is the best dinosaur
permalink I've been also trying to resurrect creativity
so I grabbed a paintbrush for the first time in a few years and done a toucan
permalink Toucan play at that game!
Actually, no I can't. That's rather lovely
permalink nomnomnom
permalink that makes me want a guiness
is that a bad thing?
permalink I actually had a Guinness after looking at that
but did not make the association.