thread It's Eve's fourth birthday tomorrow.
Well it's Monday but me and her mum are both busy so we're doing it tomorrow.

I'm really sad that it's during lockdown. She should be with her friends, not just her parents.
permalink we did 6th at the start of April
we had to cancel her party with her friends and the painful one with the family and just sat in, I've got no photos at all from that day, it was grim. There's supposed to be a but here, I'm not sure what it is. You've got a long time to make it up though.
permalink She had a great day.
We'd had time to put the effort in and plan.

We'd decorated well, involving stuffing loads of balloons behind the blind in the lounge, where there's a bay window. So when she got up I asked her to open the blind and she loved it. Then when the balloons had cleared a bit she saw a giant 4 and all her presents.

We then sat in the conservatory for breakfast and she got excited because of something on the table, then looked up a bit and saw her new dinosaur paddling pool.

We had a few zooms with family, and I took a fence panel out in the back garden (there's a small wall and then concrete panels inside that, so creates distance) and had arranged for a few families to drop by over the afternoon and say hello which was really nice.

Then I set up her room as a cinema (sofa, telly, popcorn, expensive icecream in little tubs) and we watched Sword in the Stone. And we had candy floss because she'd asked for it. I borrowed a friend's machine and did a really crap job of it.

I'm sad that I didn't get to hang out with her friends' parents and it was far more effort than we'd normally do, but she had a great day.
permalink Good work!
permalink that's a good birthday
permalink sounds great!
Good job
permalink nice one
can you do my b'day?