thread I'd recommend a kodi installed on a cheap PC/android box/raspberry Pi
It is a bit more than £30 but worth it if you watch a lot of TV. If not that then I would just replace the stick and keep the warranty information this time

Before I had a smart TV, I ran an HDMI cable out of a (low power) tower PC I built (scavenged) and put a 500GB hard drive in. The most expensive part was the wireless keyboard and mouse. I also used to cast my android phone for things like youtube but now everything is an app on the TV. youtube/netflix/amazon prime*/iplayer/4OD/ITVhub/5onDemand are all there if we we want to use them. Mostly it is Netflix, BBC Iplayer and youtube

*we don't have an amazon subscription
permalink We watch BBC, Prime, Netflix and Disney+
Does kodi do those? My wife's laptop screen died not long ago so I could use that.

The fire stick is out of warranty. I usually get them on black friday / cyber monday.

Edit in going to try sticking android x86 on it.
permalink Kodi should do anything
but I don't know how to set it up.

my friend used to get southern hemisphere rugby and cricket on his as well as HBO (probably not through the official channels)