thread Is suspect that given that transmission seems more likely
Indoors and in groups, I suspect any apps might give a lot more false positives... I can see them being more useful when they reopen pubs and restaurants etc.

At the moment, some manual labour to phone round any places to say "right, there have been 5 cases pass through your workplace" or " who was at the stupid BBQ" etc might be usefully effective...if not fully.

Though, I'd still like to know more about where the current cases are coming from,. In our borough of 276k people we are getting 1 case per day, which you could imagine is mostly coming through in-family transmition or in care homes or hospitals.

Up north it looks like it might be worse.

There have been some interesting articles about the Japanese doing there track and tracing and not finding no cases out of 17k being transmitted on public transport for instance, which would be nice to know...
permalink Aye, last few weeks Gateshead
has been the worst per new cases in the north according to Mrs Witchy, fortunately round her neck of the woods people seem to be being sensible apart from her neighbours-but-one who don't see what the fuss is. I doubt all the cases are related to them however.