thread to paraphrase Steve Baker today
we know we're sitting on the bog the wrong way round, but the correct thing to do isn't to sit the right way round, it's to continue to sit the wrong way round in order for the relevant authorities to experience sitting the wrong way round and reflect upon it
permalink Bob Mortimer uses the big the other way round because
Of an unusually located arsehole.

True fact
permalink I spoke to my mum
and she said they'd just been to the garden centre in Newton Stewart

I said, "mum, you're supposed to stay within 5 miles of home"

she said, "I know, but there isn't a garden centre within 5 miles."

I couldn't fault the logic
permalink To be fair there is bugger all within
5 miles of gatehouse and unless sheep can spread it the distance thing should be more related to population... A Glaswegian travelling 6 miles will pass more people than my mum driving 50.
permalink I don't entirely disagree, but there is a cluster of cases down that way
and if there's one place that runs a high risk of super-spreading it's a garden centre in the Costa Geriatrica
permalink That is true