thread Partially reopening schools is discriminatory
against the most vulnerable children.

I need to write to my MP about this, I'm going to edit this part when I have time to flesh out what I want to say.

The partial reopening of school and making attendance optional will significantly impact the most vulnerable children, and schools should remain closed to all but children of key workers and vulnerable children until they can open fully.

Currently head teachers are able to judge whether a child is vulnerable and should be offered a place. This allows schools to adapt to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children.

By opening in a limited way with social distancing enforced schools will reach their maximum capacity, thus removing a school's ability to offer further places to children identified as vulnerable.

The small number of places available will undoubtedly be taken by children with capable parents. The requirements of a clean uniform every day and strict timings and behaviour at drop-off and pick-up will exclude children of parents who can't manage those things, and those children are the ones most in need of being in school.

With attendance optional children of parents who can't really be bothered are being failed.

All of these problems are exacerbated by poverty. In areas of high deprivation partial reopening of schools is failing children who need support and favouring children who are likely to be doing ok anyway.
permalink you could argue that not opening schools
is discriminatory to lower income kids who dont live in houses stocked with ipads and attentive parents.

but either way, rest assured your MP will make bugger all difference.

permalink My school, in the bottom 2% by deprivation
has done paper learning packs for all pupils. We've shared online resources on Facebook but the main stuff is hand delivered every three weeks.

The biggest problem is families with poor English and the councils rubbish provision of translation services. They've just employed someone to help liaise with esl families so this should improve.
permalink haven't most schools said fuck off anyway?
except in the case of the kids they've already been serving, of course
permalink Yes, but that's setting them up for "but the government says" arguments
And for the government to continue to lie about having opened schools.

permalink You seem to be labouring under some misaprehension
that the current 'government' gives two shits about the general populace