thread I was wondering if this was in your honour
It's a bit weird

Pretty sure that his Manleyness is older than that, and anyway, birthday was a few weeks ago
permalink i mean
it's the right number to be me?
permalink Of course it is for Al.
I am MUCH older than him ;)
permalink *looks to camera*
permalink *likewise*
permalink You are Scottish too,
which makes you comparably geriatric.
permalink I think being 50 is the point, regardless of ancestry.
permalink I am not going to be 50 for a long time yet,
if at all.
permalink Hence, they are both older than you
hence, the look to camera.
permalink I am unsure how to say 'yes, I got that'
without looking like a patronising dick.

Not that I am not a patronising dick, I just am not being one on this specific occasion.
permalink In that case
I'll leave yous to your blethering :D
permalink *blithers*