thread I find it very confusing to see people talk about it
The general way it's explained to us at the google is that it's an open sourced version of borg. But then we just run stuff on borg without having to think very hard about it.
permalink I've not heard of borg,
but then I've coasted along managing to avoid all things container based until now so I haven't done too badly. Seems to be good stuff though, say you've got an app running on Nginx and there's a sudden push for demand. It will autoscale and deploy more Nginx pods with the same IP address and load balance. Once demand dies off so do the pods.
permalink Borg is the internal jobby, it’s like 15 years old.
If I need to run something, I tell Borg to run it somewhere. It takes care of finding actual machines, scaling and moving it around as other users’ scheduling needs change. The most granular location I can ask for is a data centre the size of wembley stadium, containing tens of thousands of computers.
permalink Sounds very similar, aye, though
geared more towards serving scalable apps to internet clients. Passed all the sales courses today despite me being a sharp end tech support engineer, I've not touched pre-sales since the turn of the century but it looks good with the beancounters apparently. Tech stuff next week doing all the install/config, yay!