thread I've bought a full HD projector for £140
Its claim of 4,500 lumens is clearly bobbins but actually it's pretty good in a reasonably dark room.

I'm painting the chimney breast who's so I can use it as a screen, a hdmi spdif splitter has just arrived so I can use my surround sound system with a chromecast, and I've got a ceiling mount arriving tomorrow.

Then I'll need to put the surround speakers back up to be in the right place for the screen.
permalink It's advertised as 6,500 lumens
which is utter tosh, but it's fine in the dark and acceptable when it's not too sunny.

I'm very happy with it for the amount I paid, the ceiling mount was straight forward to put up and I've got the surround sound running now. I just need to try a film on it :)