thread I got a trip in an ambulance!!!!
now I;'m just pain.

Was cycling back from the supermarket, had moved across the white line on the path as someone else was riding up (a surprisingly steep link between Riverside and the big Tesco in Cambridge), as I crossed back over I slipped on the white line (don't do it)(it was damp), fell and collided with a square wooden bollard.

Momentary blackout, fair bit of blood (as scalp injuries are prone to) . Off to hospital, where they put me into minor injuries. Got seen quickly, stitched up, two x-rays because I was complaining of jaw pain (still hurts to eat this morning) but no breaks, just bruised and swollen (thankfully). Also both shoulders hurt and one knee is nastily grazed
permalink :(
permalink ouch
that bit of cycle path is poorly designed. Something about helmets.
permalink Ouchy!
Yay for hospitals and quick stiching and getting you out before you could catch summat nasty.
permalink Ow, nasty
Keep an eye on that heid.
permalink pretty tricky
the wound's round the back and i lack the complex arrangement of mirrors
permalink Video call your laptop
from your phone
permalink You okay hun?

permalink I mean
I wasn't, obviously, and now I've two nights of just abysmal sleep
permalink Would it help
were I to chuckle at your misfortune?
permalink might as well
three nights
permalink From pain?
Or something else?
permalink discomfort
more than pain
permalink Any good painkillers
or any chance of good painkillers?

Or another duvet underneath you for extra cushioning? Or maybe just a mid-morning nap.
permalink they told me to take paracetemol
checking with paramedic sister, that is indeed the painkiller of choice for relatively minor head injuries.

nap sounds like a good plan
permalink That's interesting, I wonder why
Don't forget you can double up with another family if you need to.
permalink I think
possibly because a lot of the side effects of codeine etc are the symptoms you need to be keeping a watch for with concussion.
And I do have housemates to help with purchasing enough

permalink Somehow all the fun is taken out of it when you give me permission.
Seriously though, are you doing okay? I am self isolating and boracic, but if there is anything I can help with . . .