thread I don't listen to music when I run
I prefer to hear the rhythmic piston-like pristine movement of my perfectly-honed body

that and the wheezing and palpitations
permalink And the abuse hurled by the denizens of Maryhill...
...disgusted by your attempts at physical exertion rather than eating chips and drinking Bucky on the corner?
permalink this^^
I don't like running with music, as I like to be aware of my surroundings, whether that be fuckwits in cars trying to kill me or other people running/on bikes if on trails
permalink I've just discovered a new negative side to running
got up this morning, squatted down to pick something up, and my pyjama bottoms ripped neatly in two all the way round

I'm definitely blaming this on the glutes, not the pies
permalink I'd consider it a considerable victory
that you could squat deeply enough to rip them!
permalink I prefer no music on trails/roads
and fast music on a treadmill

although I don't run much nowadays. I tend to walk or go out on the bike