thread This is why I now have a cute
little external drive sat under my iMac. Oops. Can I find owt when I need it though? Can I fuckery.
permalink I think an imac
Was the last computer I opened to put a new hard drive in... One of the white ones... It was a traumatic experience.

Though I've also done a Nas, which was obviously easier.

I think my laptop is now lighter, there was a dummy bit of metal there in place of the drive, which seems to weigh more than the frankly miniscule SSD I put in.

permalink Never had to do one of the white ones
but I'm quite proficient at drive replacement on the following silver ones without fully taking the screen off. Years ago I swapped the terabyte rust in my 2010 for a terabyte SSD which was eye-watering at the time but oh the speed increase! I did the same to my Mac Mini the following week.
permalink The white ones were basically glued shut as I recall.
I do love SSDs through.

The new memory seem to be making mine zip along nicely, especially since chrome seems to use 2gb nowadays ...

Oh by the way this is the YouTube guy I mentioned on Friday.. he is stupidly detailed.. but interesting. The TV ones are also good and the toaster...
permalink Aaah HIM, yes,
I've watched a lot of his stuff but never noticed the name before. He's back in my suggestions now.
permalink if you like that,
you'll probably like TechMoan as well; very similar concept, but with occasional Muppets.
permalink yeah ive seen a few of his.
permalink Techmoan made me very briefly
famous :)
permalink Does this imply
you were wearing some very small briefs at the time?
permalink he was young
and he needed the money...
permalink The money being
permalink Such an event is not
currently possible.