thread total jobs cut
within the company/organisation
permalink from what I remember
the clock I think starts ticking once reps are appointed, trained and have their first meeting. And notice doesn't start till the end of the time (the period may though include the selection procedure if there's pools that are being reduced but not eliminated)
permalink I've volunteered to be a rep
realistically I think I am just an extra layer, they'll do what they want and claim a moral victory
permalink I volunteered as well
managed to negotiate up the package for everyone and helped ensure that the selection process for multi-person pools was fairer.
The latter didn't help me much as I was a pool of 1, but the former definitely helped. Even some of the older guys from the factory, who'd been union reps at other companies, were impressed with me.

permalink I think this is very much as case
of you will get what you're given.

Would you be alright answering any questions I have? (through the process, not right now)

I've just had the ballot as well and there are two of us on it.
permalink yes
permalink Thank you so much
my email is 't j p0c0ck' at gmail dot com where the 0s are actually o and which no spaces. Please can you drop me a line when you have a moment
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permalink I've replied to the email, cute dog too
I'm going to state it here as well. You had that email anyway. Although the last correspondence was 2010
permalink I knew this.
I just had a prompt.
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it has no dick pics
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wanking into his hat.
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all the time any more, I'm a real adult!
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stable floor.
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