thread If you got the BLM bundle
8 Bit Space is a fun little spectrum style platform game for Android.
permalink excellent
I have been enjoying Pikuniku, an anti-capitalist cartoon puzzle platformer, and Golf Peaks, a minigolf card-based puzzle game
permalink I'll take a look at pikuniku
permalink It's not very long
but it's quite enjoyable
permalink if memory serves
"that's what she said"
permalink I've had an itchio for a while,
hopefully the cream will sort it.
permalink Is it a heat rash?
An itchio scorchio?
permalink I hope not, 'cos it's
going to get scorchio this week, 29 degrees wed/thu/fri.
permalink Lucky buggers
Was a toasty 2° here yesterday morning. And we seem to be afflicted by TEH FOG!!
permalink if you have to be on hold to a holiday company, can I recommend being on hold to Jet2
If only for their weird mix of hold music, Katy Perry into Martha Reeves, lady Gaga into Roxy Music. Quite enjoying it. Now it's "My Girl'
permalink Remember when my van got bumped?
Well, the insurance said it'd be sorted without us paying the excess or damaging our no-claims. Then we waited ages for them to actually do anything. Today our van was taken away, but the replacement vehicle hadn't been sorted.

MrsJam has repeatedly called and web-chatted with Privilege and got really angry today. She was told Thrifty would drop a suitable replacement vehicle off tomorrow and was offered £80 compensation.

He actually used the word 'compensation' rather than 'gesture of good will', so MrsJam said "£80 is suitable for the loss of our vehicle for a day, but puts no value on the time I've spent contacting you about all this". So we're getting £150 as a bank transfer.
permalink I'm am now a berlingo driver
permalink do you feel better for it?
permalink No, I feel significantly older.
That said, it'd make a nice executive car. It's ridiculously easy to drive, comfortable, and has speed control, speed limiter, and lane assist.
permalink amy's the same
her spanish is improving no end.
permalink 4rf!
permalink Don't encourage him
permalink Watch out,
CI will steal her from you.
permalink One's quite enough!
permalink Olé
permalink nice one MrsJam!