thread the park in th emiddle of epping forest was a zoo
100s of kids doing balloons and drinking... the sheer number of shitty cars with tweaked exhausts makes me think it's become the go-to spot for the essex yoot.

permalink I cycled through a bit of Epping Forest on Monday afternoon...
...but I managed to stay away from the busiest bits I think.

Car parks were mobbed.
permalink this is basically at the highest point
there is a pub there but I dont think that was causing the problems.

foresters arms on the loughton side is worth pausing at if you are near.
permalink I didn't go that far north...
permalink Sensible... There be dragons and all that
permalink it's always pretty ugly up there.. pandemic or not
the wedding receptions held up there full of blinged orange people with their curious hair is pretty funny though
permalink I was going to say that it was all getting a bit crazy in Kelvingrove
which was evacuated by police yesterday after a thousand teenagers decided to have an impromptu festival

but now that's looking literally like yesterday's news
permalink Indeed.
WTF was that all about?
permalink turns out the folk who were warning
that dumping asylum seekers in hotels without access to support services might create issues

were right
permalink If I had to live in a park Inn for 3 months
I'd have stabbed someone a while ago.

permalink as there's nobody in the city centre these days
other than rehoused homeless and asylum seekers, with the odd far-right rally, it is apparently something of a skid row-esque mental health disaster area
permalink So pretty standard for Glasgow