thread it's OK
East Anglian coast is definitely my limit for now. Would like to make sure that on day trips I spend more time at the place than I do getting there.
permalink Google reckons it would be 4hrs 27minutes driving, leaving now
curiously it reckons the fastest route is via Birmingham. Wouldn't have expected that, my instinct would be to go via the fucking M25 and M4
permalink M6, M5
it's a bit counterintuitive but it does work (to Bristol anyway if the M25's really bad)
permalink Yup, A14/M6
whizzing through the lovely (now) catthorpe interchange, M42(S), M5. Much better than utilising the circle of doom and all who sail in her.
permalink I'm informed that the M6/M42 bit had changed
so I'll never be able to drive to Birmingham airport again without ending up in Wales, but yes.
permalink It's all clearly marked but think
of it as leftmost lanes for M6/M42(S) and rightmost lanes for Toll/A446/M42(N). Stick in the middle for M6 Cov/Brum.
permalink If we now start discussing golf handicaps
And house prices we might have to close this thread as breaking too many middle-aged-men-at-a-dinner-party clich├ęs.

What you driving nowadays anyway?

permalink Hehe, I've just driven that road an awful lot over the years :)
My current steed is a Passat Estate 190 TDI DSG and is currently covered in rook shit as I've only used it 3 or 4 times since March. Golf can get in the sea.
permalink "Do you play golf? what's your handicap?"
"I can't got the little ball straight"

And so on