thread I cannot sign on,
I am not eligible for any help at all.

permalink Oh, a rejection email just arrived.
permalink You'll get lots and it's ok.
I applied for loads of stuff before I ended up at Currys and even then it was months between applying and actually getting a response.

Are you staying in your field or looking at other stuff?
permalink Let's hope it's not come to him
staying in a field yet
permalink Badum!
Hello stranger... how are you?
permalink I am fine, thankee
Work seems to be picking up for the time being, so that's nice, and I've not gone bust in the meantime, so that's all good.

How are you?
permalink Exhausted
I've had 3 days' holiday in 6 months.

But basically alright.
permalink I specifically wanted to be a Funeral Director
I got a couple of roles back in February and turned them down, but did not get the local one.

Sadly the woman who hires locally hires for almost everyone locally, so her dislike of my haircut is probably a deal breaker for the career in general.

I shall look for some contracting / consulting gigs. I fancy qualifying in gender analysis so I can consult on inclusiveness governance. seem reasonable?
permalink I'd forget about Funeral Directing
I hear it's a dead end job
permalink I had a rejection email
at quarter to 7 on Sunday morning
permalink Hopefully
that sounds like the sort of place you do not want to work.
permalink that is very much the case
Although it took me about a day to find it funny
permalink great lyrics for a
blues song too
permalink People still do those?
Most jobs usually just ghost you
permalink got to be careful with Manley
if you're not very clear about it he'll just turn up on Monday
permalink The assumptive close
I calls it, see?
permalink Has someone not been paying their NI?
permalink We are the Knights who pay
permalink No,
someone lets out part of their house.
permalink also, re your tweets this morning
if you're still a "non exec" does that mean you're still getting an income from them that way?
permalink No
it is just stock and expenses.

It suits me well, and will benefit me looking for other roles, but pays no bills.
permalink OK