thread so yesterday we watched a recorded episode of pointless
in which one obscure answer was the Nycelharpa... a weird swedish zither type thing

Then about an hour later i went for a walk and saw someone standing in the middle of a residential road (on the road), in a dinner jacket playing one ...

Then I bumped into mr Baader and Mr Meinhof..
permalink so Ulrike re-assigned?
the whole world's gone crazy...
permalink no, different Messers Baader and Meinhof
odd coincidence, but you keep bumping into them

permalink you been on the absinthe again?.
permalink he might well have been
i was sober for the first evening in 10 days *

maybe that was the problem

* we were officially on holiday
permalink My four year old wants to play mousetrap.
Only she doesn't. She wants me to set mousetrap up, spend 15 minutes trying to get it to work properly, have two goes then get bored.
permalink give her a real mouse trap
permalink That's how I used
to play Mousetrap.
permalink I think that's how everyone used to play those sort of games
Sounds like she's doing it spot on!