thread Nice.
I did that in the snow last year. Hard work.
permalink we were going to do Beinn a Ghlo on Thursday
but I'm guessing the torrential rain of today will mean the bog is going to be pretty much impassable for a bit

I've seen it suggested to do the route t in reverse - i.e. get the long trudge out of the way, then do the three peaks north to south - any thoughts on this?
permalink There's a serious boggy bit on the way out (done the usual way round)
And there's a bit on the way in that was fine the other week but I could see it being horrible after a lot of rain.

The other way round? Hmmm. The way I did it has a long trudge out, but it's fine. Not hard, just a bit interminable. It gets the steepest climb out of the way early when you're still fresh. I think I'd rather go up that than down it... It would be a fairly unpleasant knee-crunching descent.

It’s a good day out.

It’s not a Ring of Steall, which is a truly epic day, but it’s a good ‘un.
permalink well we did a cheating round of 4
(which, lets be honest, was really just 1 and a bit)
from Glenshee Ski Centre today
permalink Fair enough.
I've done most of that area...
permalink today we took advantage of the universally good weather
to head for some that are normally cloudy and wet even when the sun is out elsewhere,
Ben Oss and Ben Dubhcraig

lovely weather but a bit of a muddy mudfest, even after days of sun
permalink Tyndrum?
I haven;t done those two. A bit boggy by reputation.
permalink there's a couple of miles of slow bog hopping through the woods
so I wouldn't want to do on a wet day, but it's nothing a stout pair of boots and a depth-gauging-stick can't handle and otherwise a pretty easy duo. You can see pretty much every other top south of the great glen from the summit, would recommend

the trail follows lots of nice pools and waterfalls up the hill, so excellent for a scorcher like yesterday