thread you mean the brewery?
exale is good, signature has a very good set-up. trumans seems to be good but seem to be making you book.. and wildcard is also nice if you want the evening sun.... the drinking options near my house had gone from next-to-nothing to rather good.
permalink Ok. A cycle up to the Stow is clearly overdue.
And a wobble home.
permalink "a cycle up the Stow"
"a wobble home"

Clearly my dictionary of euphemisms needs updating!
permalink feel free to suggest a day
permalink i'd be up for joining if you decide to go to wildcard.. which one do you go to?
looks like it'll be a rather hot friday too
permalink we tend to do the blackhorse road one, which is closer
but not as cool as the other one.
permalink fewer hipsters
is always a win