thread Having recently got back into being a daily cyclist, after 10 years mostly off...
I enjoying exploring further afield than walking or running takes me... (without public transport obvs).

The Spaniard is not a confident cyclist (and doesn’t own a bike, but that is resolvable). She’s a bit scared of cycling in London.

So. I had an idea, purely for fun cycling. Tandem. Is this a good idea or fucking stupid? Anyone got any experience? I’ve never even ridden one.

Go Al(s):
permalink great way to break up with someone
they aren't as stable feeling in traffic i suspect.. and will be a bit fiddly around the tow path ramps and gates and things....

and they are bloody expensive and a nightmare to store....

buy her an electric bike... and one of the tfl cycling confidence courses
if you want to borrow my brompton for a bit she can have a go with that... or sign up for the lime rental bikes.
permalink I've never ridden a tandem
they do have a reputation as a "relationship accelerator"- some couples love them, but.
permalink Given we like both you and the Spaniard
and think you make a lovely couple, we do not want you to get a tandem!
permalink Alright.
Fairly unanimous!

I’ll put that thought down as “shite” then...
permalink I mean it might be great
But I think that's probably a very small set of the people that try it!
permalink I think in particular
that the people that get on well with them are both confident and experienced cyclists before, mainly
permalink You lot have kinda confirmed my suspicion.
Sounds fun, probably a nightmare in the making.

I think we might not be the right kind of twats.
permalink Get a pedal tuktuk thing
You get to exercise and the Spaniard gets to come along and keep you company.

Rickshaw not tuktuk.
permalink Rent one on holiday...
permalink That might be fun
But I think I need to get her a bike and get her used to it...
permalink yep.
boris bikes aren't the best but are stable, and you can pick them up and the olympic park.

the lime electric bikes might be better for longer trips. you might still be able to rent the jump bikes on uber app, but not seen many around, though they apparently still exist.
permalink I don't mind the TfL bikes, but she finds them a bit heavy, which they are.
I've seen quite a few Jump bikes around Shoreditch recently.
permalink I made a thing.

Our friends are moving house, he's a vicar.

I spent about four hours on it (not an easy feat with small kids), and just at I was finishing I realised we've the other friends who are moving imminently.
permalink The only time I ever saw someone on a tandem
They went rode out of the registry office and very nearly under a lorry.

As a not very confident cyclist myself, I think it would be more productive to just spend time on quieter routes so she gets the idea that London cycling isn't just sprinting down a main road next to fast traffic.
permalink I had a tandem
The person on the back of 'normal' tandems is the lighter one. I am assuming that is the Spaniard.

We enter a world where:

She cannot see anything
She cannot steer
You decide when to start and stop pedalling (the drive chains are linked)
She has a set of bars which, if she does turn them, turns your seat and squashes your gonads.

Do not do this.
permalink and he cannot fart
well he could but he'd be cycling home on his own.
permalink You have all easily talked me out of an idea I wasn't really convinced about in the first place.
Thank you.
permalink thing is a 2 seater tandem is half-arsed
what you really need is three seater (you might have to start up a threesome relationship) but you'll be a Goodie!
permalink Of course not all tandems are equal
edit: typing posts with links is hard on a phone
permalink but anyhow I'm on desktop now
whilst I've seen recumbent tadpole tandem trike once, my favourite weird tandem is this fucker, which was being ridden by a lovely German couple getting the ferry from Hook of Holland over to Harwich to spend three and half weeks touring much of the UK). They'd previously ridden the west coast of the USA on it. The tailgunner said she liked the view backwards and freaking out drivers

And yes that does have two enormously expensive Rohloff internal gear hubs. And weird chain guide to connect the rear chainset to the hub to ensure it all turns the right way.
permalink That reminds me of doing a terrible
Sportif ride starting in ally pally that featured a brother and sister in a tandem... At least one of them had tourettes, not the sweaty stereotype, the random shouty type,. It was all very odd.
permalink Oh that is fantastically insane.
permalink apparently it was the third one
that the builder had made. Bolted together on the middle, with a connector so the pilot can control the rear brakes, but it can be split for transport. Custom luggage (pictured) to make use of the "void" between the seats.
Those internal gear hubs are ~£1000 each, to give you an idea of quite how madly expensive this thing is.Obviously the custom built frame is even more.

And although not facing each other, pretty easy to communicate because heads are adjacent.
permalink Pedalling forwards
but going backwards must be a bit of a headfuck to get round though shirley?
permalink You'd totally have a go though, wouldn't you?
Fantastically mental.
permalink Oh aye!
permalink apparently
you get used to it quickly
permalink that's what
she said
permalink legitimately
permalink Maybe instead
Consider a Sociable
permalink That looks hilariously unstable.
permalink "All the disadvantages of
the tandem with none of its advantages"

Made of win I'd say.
permalink I#d love to have a go
the only time I've seen one in real life it was being ridden by a pair of teenage girls on Riverside.

because Cambridge

permalink I occasionally used to see
a couple of conference bikes in use around the office
permalink Interviewed nine people today.
Normally they're include a task with kids, which is more important than the formal interview. We can't do that at the moment because of covid.

So the advantage the Durham graduate has over a local who is terrified of interviews is unmitigated. And I hate it.

I'm sure Durham will do well at the job, but I'm not sure the local wouldn't have because she had a terrible interview.
permalink Give them good feedback, tell them to practice a bit
Next time.

I've seen really good designers lose jobs because they used the phrase "sort of like" far far too many times in a pitch.. which sounds normal ish in Glasgow, but sounds like you don't know what you want in London.

I'm not sure these are connected.
permalink avoid a tandem at all costs
they're the easiest way to start an argument.

see also dual kayaks and sharing a canoe.