thread I want to stay in the area of low risk, but all the fuckers in areas of high risk are coming here.
Why the fuck can they not just stay away?

I live somewhere remote with low density population and where we had early warning, but everyone in the areas which did not have that seem to think that their situation should be applied to us.

The biggest argument I have with deniers is that they seem to put up lots of reasons why it is not a much greater risk to me to go out. I know that - How selfish do you have to be to think that lockdown is for those who are locked down? I am not making the streets busier here because they are already heaving and we have a very aged population here.
permalink When you say denier
what is it that you mean?
permalink Someone who has decided to deny that sensible precautions are worthwhile
to prevent the wider spread of the disease,

In the face of actual evidence that those places where this attitude has been adopted have had massively larger death tolls.

1000 people die every day in the US now - 1 in 1500 British people have died with CXIX.

I would give the kiss of life to a known infected person, but if you thin a holiday is more important than not travelling to low risk areas from high risk areas then i am afraid I think you are simply rationalising to appease your own selfishness.

Going on holiday to a place full of old people and the vulnerable is like joyriding or throwing litter from your car - it makes your life mildly better now, but is worse for everyone, including you, in the longer term.

Also something to do with the opacity of tights.
permalink Well, I'm not great at articulating
but I think some parts of your logic are oversimplified. By no means do I think we've done it right in the UK, but I do think you have a bit more 'safe' leeway than you're giving yourself.