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whilst I've seen recumbent tadpole tandem trike once, my favourite weird tandem is this fucker, which was being ridden by a lovely German couple getting the ferry from Hook of Holland over to Harwich to spend three and half weeks touring much of the UK). They'd previously ridden the west coast of the USA on it. The tailgunner said she liked the view backwards and freaking out drivers

And yes that does have two enormously expensive Rohloff internal gear hubs. And weird chain guide to connect the rear chainset to the hub to ensure it all turns the right way.
permalink That reminds me of doing a terrible
Sportif ride starting in ally pally that featured a brother and sister in a tandem... At least one of them had tourettes, not the sweaty stereotype, the random shouty type,. It was all very odd.
permalink Oh that is fantastically insane.
permalink apparently it was the third one
that the builder had made. Bolted together on the middle, with a connector so the pilot can control the rear brakes, but it can be split for transport. Custom luggage (pictured) to make use of the "void" between the seats.
Those internal gear hubs are ~£1000 each, to give you an idea of quite how madly expensive this thing is.Obviously the custom built frame is even more.

And although not facing each other, pretty easy to communicate because heads are adjacent.
permalink Pedalling forwards
but going backwards must be a bit of a headfuck to get round though shirley?
permalink You'd totally have a go though, wouldn't you?
Fantastically mental.
permalink Oh aye!
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you get used to it quickly
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she said
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