thread you seem to be reacting to a situation that doesn't exist
the infection rate has never been at the point where people have needed to avoid exposure for their own sake

lockdown and associated measures have never been about reducing exposure, lockdown and associated measures have only ever been about reducing the reproduction rate to ensure we never go to that point

you could go out tomorrow and lick the faces of every visitor in Dawlish and have a negligible chance of infection

as long as each infected person infects, on average, less than one person, and we crack down on any local superspreader events do make sure that happens, there is no reason for you to be hiding indoors and treating this like Ebola, because your personal chances of getting this are, under current conditions, almost zero, and everyone else is coming from places where there chances of catching it are almost zero. Do your part to keep R down but otherwise live life as normal.

we never got to the point where you have any substantial risk, as long as you are not specifically highly vulnerable for a medical reason, and even then...
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permalink Or, on a more realistic scale,
if you walk across town and have coffee with a friend in their garden, the risk to both you and everyone else is negligible.