thread Was it a budget airline?
permalink No... BA from Heathrow...
permalink I know that flight far too well!
did you get a cheese roll?
permalink You don't get anything much at the moment, obvs.
You can get some water and a bag of crisps in a sealed bag if you want.

I just tried to concentrate on breathing as little as possible for the entire duration.

Coming back was even worse. People having standup arguments about mask wearing. I thought one of the crew was going to deck this pair of stupid cunts at one point. She would have been completely right to as well.
permalink Meanwhile... train to Edinburgh this morning
With the Spaniard, which is nice.

When I did this three weeks ago, it was nice and quiet. Today, much less so. Big Thai family and some lads on a stag do. Honestly. Reserved seats for social distancing total chaos.

People are a terrible bunch of cunts.
permalink people are awful
but we are all part of the problem.

good news is the premiership rugby starts tonight!
permalink I'm part of several problems
But I try not to make myself a hazardous part of this one.

That really weird and slightly disturbing problem over there though? Yeah. That one is mostly me to be honest.