thread I'm normally OK with
the heat but last night was ridickerlous. Ceiling fan on just cooked me slowly so I put a small fan in the open window to try and circulate outside air and left the curtain open.

It probably didn't help that I ruptured summat on friday night by a violent sneeze/cough so have been fitfully dozing and waking up yelping like a small dog because of something stabbing me in the back.
permalink are you sure you didn't just sit on a chiuahua?
and is still stuck back there?
permalink Woofer count in
this house is zero. It's funny that all the things that hurt are directly related and can all exist in their own venn diagram.
permalink off subject but on a scale of 1 to 10
how bad are you jonesing for a proper gig right now?
permalink Right at this very moment
I'm not because I'd probably have a panic attack owing to not being able to breathe properly - I still can't do sharp intakes of breath without a muscle going 'OI' and making me yelp, which requires a sharp intake of breath. Repeat.
At least night times are OK-ish now, last night was suddenly and surprisingly pain free to lie down. Dozed aplenty.
permalink Imma suggest, although it may be redundant,
you may need a doctor...
permalink Normally I'd agree,
but this is only half as bad as when I proper cracked some ribs in the early noughties and all the docs could say was 'don't do it again' and 'rest with painkillers'. 3 months they took to heal.
This one's feeling better after a week, at least for sleeping. If the wheezing carries on next week I'll see about getting A Test.
permalink Sure but
you didn't crack your ribs sneezing so that means internal... Still you have a plan so I won't bang on :)
permalink :D
Ta for your concern though.
permalink breathing OK now?
permalink Nope, and I had a plague test
this afternoon. Results tomorrow and if negative I get hauled in to have things poked at/in me, probably.