thread It has been quite mild for the time of year
Getting up to 15-16° during the day. But it is still very much winter, and about 4° outside as I type.

So we've had a fresh community outbreak in Auckland, so they're back up to level 3 and the country as a whole to level 2. Which has (a) kaiboshed a long weekend trip to see my parents we were supposed to do Fri-Tues. And (b) got me twitchy about the race I'm training for, which is in about 8 weeks. Fucksocks.
permalink You just have to outrun the virus
permalink It's more about not being able to hold a race with about 1000 entrants*
when gatherings are limited to 100 or less (under level 2, it's 10 under level 3)

*over 100/70/50/24k options.