thread No prick barriers
at each end?
permalink I'm guessing the whole
'envy of the fens' bit. And the pool. And the chandlers.
permalink Aye, but who doesn't love
a good chandle?
permalink there is a pool
and there's a half decent. if not first class, cake shop. Lack of butchers or chandlers. "Prick barriers" seems to be something Nigel invented. No town hall.
permalink bus service
is sporadic
permalink Prick barriers
are those devices that block a lane meaning traffic has to filter in each direction, see entrance to Lode/Quy etc,
permalink I'm not sure
that that's right, or at least, wasn't right when the song was written
permalink well,
the debate certainly lingered on, though not about the most dangerous junction in christendom. It seems that 'crick barriers' became 'prick barriers'