thread off subject but on a scale of 1 to 10
how bad are you jonesing for a proper gig right now?
permalink Right at this very moment
I'm not because I'd probably have a panic attack owing to not being able to breathe properly - I still can't do sharp intakes of breath without a muscle going 'OI' and making me yelp, which requires a sharp intake of breath. Repeat.
At least night times are OK-ish now, last night was suddenly and surprisingly pain free to lie down. Dozed aplenty.
permalink Imma suggest, although it may be redundant,
you may need a doctor...
permalink Normally I'd agree,
but this is only half as bad as when I proper cracked some ribs in the early noughties and all the docs could say was 'don't do it again' and 'rest with painkillers'. 3 months they took to heal.
This one's feeling better after a week, at least for sleeping. If the wheezing carries on next week I'll see about getting A Test.
permalink Sure but
you didn't crack your ribs sneezing so that means internal... Still you have a plan so I won't bang on :)
permalink :D
Ta for your concern though.
permalink breathing OK now?
permalink Nope, and I had a plague test
this afternoon. Results tomorrow and if negative I get hauled in to have things poked at/in me, probably.