thread has anyone else noticed that it's a bit warm?
or is it just me?

it seems to be 27 degrees in my kitchen / office.. before the sun has hit it.
permalink It is baking here. I cannot sleep.
I have been going to the common at night for walks. In the daytime this place is too busy to walk about, quite aside from a pandemic.
permalink I have,
how are you coping? I will probably partake in a cold beverage at somepoint this evening.
permalink Two fans going,
plus there are lots of emergencies plans like hot water bottles in the fridge, pots earmarked for feet to go in, cold flannels for necks, optimising clothing.
permalink it is sweltering!
we've shut the windows and curtains and are existing in a fan driven bubble.
An Ice lolly will replace my afternoon cup of tea
permalink we have actuvated fan number 3
thank god i bought them for my indoor bike
permalink both our fans are on
it is still very warm but then it unbearable out of the breeze
permalink Eve, 4, just asked for a hot juice.
Because it matches the weather.
permalink thought it wasn't too bad here (23ish)
but then I went for a run, which was perhaps a mistake
permalink when i got up at 7.30
it was 23 degrees outside (and 28 inside)
permalink I'm at Geneva Airport
Similar temps to London, but not too muggy thanks to the lake and the mountains.

But spending a few hours on a building site where the A/C isn't on yet was somewhat less than comfortable...

Oh, and don't think about going on a fucking plane if you can possibly avoid it. FAR scarier than I thought it would be. People are utter twats.
permalink the only people i've known to fly recently
have said thier flights were 1/3 full so not bad.

I can imagine geneva will attract the arseholes.
permalink When Bea went to Spain the other week it was quiet.
Quiet at Heathrow, most things closed. Quiet plane.

Now everyything is open and it is NOT GOOD.
permalink I’m not sure that it’s Geneva attracting arseholes
I think it’s arseholes determined to go on forrin holidays, trying to find places to go that aren’t quarantined.

That’s usually a fairly “businessy” flight, but with ski holiday folk in the winter.

Today there were a lot of dickheads in shit sun hats and sandals.
permalink Was it a budget airline?
permalink No... BA from Heathrow...
permalink I know that flight far too well!
did you get a cheese roll?
permalink You don't get anything much at the moment, obvs.
You can get some water and a bag of crisps in a sealed bag if you want.

I just tried to concentrate on breathing as little as possible for the entire duration.

Coming back was even worse. People having standup arguments about mask wearing. I thought one of the crew was going to deck this pair of stupid cunts at one point. She would have been completely right to as well.
permalink Meanwhile... train to Edinburgh this morning
With the Spaniard, which is nice.

When I did this three weeks ago, it was nice and quiet. Today, much less so. Big Thai family and some lads on a stag do. Honestly. Reserved seats for social distancing total chaos.

People are a terrible bunch of cunts.
permalink a good location 25 miles out of edinburgh to buy a haus?
or land (can you still buy land in scotchland*?) any direction i guess

permalink I'm normally OK with
the heat but last night was ridickerlous. Ceiling fan on just cooked me slowly so I put a small fan in the open window to try and circulate outside air and left the curtain open.

It probably didn't help that I ruptured summat on friday night by a violent sneeze/cough so have been fitfully dozing and waking up yelping like a small dog because of something stabbing me in the back.
permalink are you sure you didn't just sit on a chiuahua?
and is still stuck back there?
permalink Woofer count in
this house is zero. It's funny that all the things that hurt are directly related and can all exist in their own venn diagram.
permalink off subject but on a scale of 1 to 10
how bad are you jonesing for a proper gig right now?
permalink Just had the biggest hail I've ever seen (large marble size)
and the loudest thunder I've ever heard, and torrential rain.

I was planning to get the mower out this evening.
permalink We were missed by a couple of miles
Which is a shame as it was roasting.

Should get some tomorrow.
permalink [warning: nasty]
the Criterium du Dauphiné bike race got some hail today and injured riders
permalink Whoa
I watched that live and didnt see that. Must have been after the finish.

The last 10 days of racing have arguably been one of the best ever
permalink it was raining for the leaders
the hail hit, well, the rest. Especially big lads like Tim there. Apparently the time cut ended up being suspended; someone came in 15 minutes over due to sheltering. there's loads of pictures/videos floating around.

And yes, the whole "race every day as if it's the last day of the season" thing is awesome. Apart from obviously Groenewagn nearly (not on purpose) killing Jakobson
permalink It has been quite mild for the time of year
Getting up to 15-16° during the day. But it is still very much winter, and about 4° outside as I type.

So we've had a fresh community outbreak in Auckland, so they're back up to level 3 and the country as a whole to level 2. Which has (a) kaiboshed a long weekend trip to see my parents we were supposed to do Fri-Tues. And (b) got me twitchy about the race I'm training for, which is in about 8 weeks. Fucksocks.
permalink You just have to outrun the virus
permalink It's more about not being able to hold a race with about 1000 entrants*
when gatherings are limited to 100 or less (under level 2, it's 10 under level 3)

*over 100/70/50/24k options.
permalink down to only 16°C
this morning. Amazing
permalink it's so much fresher
though has crept up to 26.5 here at the kitchen table. and typically it will be biblical rain when i am in town later.

now over to bongo for the travel
permalink it was so nice!
we had the window open and there was a breeze!
permalink on another matter
im having a look for a 100mile ride to peterborough with a mate, I've done the first half of this route before to biggleswade but if you had any thoughts on my route to peterborough avoiding huntingdon it would be good to know (passing through st ives for some lunch would probably be handy i thought, but not essential)
permalink the bit from Biggsleswade
up to St ives is good. Beyond? honestly no idea. the only place in that area north of St ives towards Peterborough i've ever been to is Old Hurst (farm shop/café with alligators) and never past the A141 at all. Honestly given the aforementioned reptiles there may may well be dragons.
I have though been to Chatteris and honestly the Half Man Half Biscuit song is deeply inaccurate
permalink No prick barriers
at each end?
permalink I'm guessing the whole
'envy of the fens' bit. And the pool. And the chandlers.
permalink Aye, but who doesn't love
a good chandle?
permalink there is a pool
and there's a half decent. if not first class, cake shop. Lack of butchers or chandlers. "Prick barriers" seems to be something Nigel invented. No town hall.
permalink bus service
is sporadic
permalink cheers for that, the roads all look ok on streetview but that
doesn't mean they aren't chock full of wankers and trucks.

we will see how it goes.
permalink well that thunderstorm was lovely
we went out in t-shirts and rain skirts to eat the pizza that just turned up
on a hill watching the awesome lightning
permalink i cycled home from the pub
which was ill advised for several reasons.

permalink We got a disappointingly small amount of thunder and lighting round our way
And only ver brief showers earlier. But then proper deluge later thankfully.
thread I've bought a new phone
as is my little personal tradition, this is the first place I've bookmarked.

What's first in your phone bookmarks?

Otherwise, any exciting plans for the weekend?
permalink going to
a beach.

I don't make many new bookmarks, what with just syncing everything in Chrome
permalink I use Chrome exclusively for one of the client things at work
it's just less faff to use Firefox on my phone so I don't have to dick about with synching.

Apart from here I've just got bookmarks of things I keep meaning to read and never do.
permalink I rarely use bookmarks nowadays
I used to always set my phone wallpaper as a picture of my old phone, with the picture of the older phone o its screen....

Unfortunately I lost a phone and broke the chain
permalink I rarely use bookmarks, I rely instead on autocomplete
which is annoying after I clear my browser history.

Four sets of friends are moving house. One is done, another is moving into their old house and that's happening at the moment, then on 1 September another moves into our street then some point soon another moves. So this weekend has mostly been taking ikea furniture apart and putting it back together a mile and a half away. And we did online church this morning, which doesn't take very much prep and is only half an hour but does sap a lot of energy.
permalink Alt: anybody know about home laser cutter / cnc?
I'd like one. Or just a laser cutter.
permalink ... the diode ones are a bit shit, visible light so can't do we through stuff
and not powerful enough to cut much, but ok at etching.

The "40w" CO2 lasers are known as k40s. They're cheapo versions of proper laser cutters, and will arrive in a condition somewhere between deadly and 'will work OK but a few simple improvements will get it running well'. And there's no way of telling which yours will be.

I've found an AliExpress vendor who has UK stock, so it's wick and avoids import duty. And it has an ammeter rather than digital % power display (which is good because 100 on the display is likely to mean 150% which will kill your laser tube).
permalink those pesky 007 agents bothering you?
what are you cutting? i wouldn't mind one that cuts fabric.. i'm guessing that will be much weaker..
permalink my first bookmark is a recipe for flapjacks
The weekend was exciting. I saw friends in the flesh for the first time since March. I didn't realise how much I missed socialising.

How was yours?
thread Having recently got back into being a daily cyclist, after 10 years mostly off...
I enjoying exploring further afield than walking or running takes me... (without public transport obvs).

The Spaniard is not a confident cyclist (and doesn’t own a bike, but that is resolvable). She’s a bit scared of cycling in London.

So. I had an idea, purely for fun cycling. Tandem. Is this a good idea or fucking stupid? Anyone got any experience? I’ve never even ridden one.

Go Al(s):
permalink great way to break up with someone
they aren't as stable feeling in traffic i suspect.. and will be a bit fiddly around the tow path ramps and gates and things....

and they are bloody expensive and a nightmare to store....

buy her an electric bike... and one of the tfl cycling confidence courses
if you want to borrow my brompton for a bit she can have a go with that... or sign up for the lime rental bikes.
permalink I've never ridden a tandem
they do have a reputation as a "relationship accelerator"- some couples love them, but.
permalink Given we like both you and the Spaniard
and think you make a lovely couple, we do not want you to get a tandem!
permalink Alright.
Fairly unanimous!

I’ll put that thought down as “shite” then...
permalink I mean it might be great
But I think that's probably a very small set of the people that try it!
permalink I think in particular
that the people that get on well with them are both confident and experienced cyclists before, mainly
permalink You lot have kinda confirmed my suspicion.
Sounds fun, probably a nightmare in the making.

I think we might not be the right kind of twats.
permalink Get a pedal tuktuk thing
You get to exercise and the Spaniard gets to come along and keep you company.

Rickshaw not tuktuk.
permalink Rent one on holiday...
permalink That might be fun
But I think I need to get her a bike and get her used to it...
permalink yep.
boris bikes aren't the best but are stable, and you can pick them up and the olympic park.

the lime electric bikes might be better for longer trips. you might still be able to rent the jump bikes on uber app, but not seen many around, though they apparently still exist.
permalink I don't mind the TfL bikes, but she finds them a bit heavy, which they are.
I've seen quite a few Jump bikes around Shoreditch recently.
permalink I made a thing.

Our friends are moving house, he's a vicar.

I spent about four hours on it (not an easy feat with small kids), and just at I was finishing I realised we've the other friends who are moving imminently.
permalink The only time I ever saw someone on a tandem
They went rode out of the registry office and very nearly under a lorry.

As a not very confident cyclist myself, I think it would be more productive to just spend time on quieter routes so she gets the idea that London cycling isn't just sprinting down a main road next to fast traffic.
permalink I had a tandem
The person on the back of 'normal' tandems is the lighter one. I am assuming that is the Spaniard.

We enter a world where:

She cannot see anything
She cannot steer
You decide when to start and stop pedalling (the drive chains are linked)
She has a set of bars which, if she does turn them, turns your seat and squashes your gonads.

Do not do this.
permalink and he cannot fart
well he could but he'd be cycling home on his own.
permalink You have all easily talked me out of an idea I wasn't really convinced about in the first place.
Thank you.
permalink thing is a 2 seater tandem is half-arsed
what you really need is three seater (you might have to start up a threesome relationship) but you'll be a Goodie!
permalink I took the tandem off road once -
My passenger went utterly insane and it was a negative moment.
permalink Of course not all tandems are equal
edit: typing posts with links is hard on a phone
permalink but anyhow I'm on desktop now
whilst I've seen recumbent tadpole tandem trike once, my favourite weird tandem is this fucker, which was being ridden by a lovely German couple getting the ferry from Hook of Holland over to Harwich to spend three and half weeks touring much of the UK). They'd previously ridden the west coast of the USA on it. The tailgunner said she liked the view backwards and freaking out drivers

And yes that does have two enormously expensive Rohloff internal gear hubs. And weird chain guide to connect the rear chainset to the hub to ensure it all turns the right way.
permalink That reminds me of doing a terrible
Sportif ride starting in ally pally that featured a brother and sister in a tandem... At least one of them had tourettes, not the sweaty stereotype, the random shouty type,. It was all very odd.
permalink Oh that is fantastically insane.
permalink apparently it was the third one
that the builder had made. Bolted together on the middle, with a connector so the pilot can control the rear brakes, but it can be split for transport. Custom luggage (pictured) to make use of the "void" between the seats.
Those internal gear hubs are ~£1000 each, to give you an idea of quite how madly expensive this thing is.Obviously the custom built frame is even more.

And although not facing each other, pretty easy to communicate because heads are adjacent.
permalink Pedalling forwards
but going backwards must be a bit of a headfuck to get round though shirley?
permalink You'd totally have a go though, wouldn't you?
Fantastically mental.
permalink Oh aye!
permalink apparently
you get used to it quickly
permalink that's what
she said
permalink legitimately
permalink Maybe instead
Consider a Sociable
permalink That looks hilariously unstable.
permalink "All the disadvantages of
the tandem with none of its advantages"

Made of win I'd say.
permalink I#d love to have a go
the only time I've seen one in real life it was being ridden by a pair of teenage girls on Riverside.

because Cambridge

permalink I occasionally used to see
a couple of conference bikes in use around the office
permalink Interviewed nine people today.
Normally they're include a task with kids, which is more important than the formal interview. We can't do that at the moment because of covid.

So the advantage the Durham graduate has over a local who is terrified of interviews is unmitigated. And I hate it.

I'm sure Durham will do well at the job, but I'm not sure the local wouldn't have because she had a terrible interview.
permalink Give them good feedback, tell them to practice a bit
Next time.

I've seen really good designers lose jobs because they used the phrase "sort of like" far far too many times in a pitch.. which sounds normal ish in Glasgow, but sounds like you don't know what you want in London.

I'm not sure these are connected.
permalink avoid a tandem at all costs
they're the easiest way to start an argument.

see also dual kayaks and sharing a canoe.
thread so yesterday we watched a recorded episode of pointless
in which one obscure answer was the Nycelharpa... a weird swedish zither type thing

Then about an hour later i went for a walk and saw someone standing in the middle of a residential road (on the road), in a dinner jacket playing one ...

Then I bumped into mr Baader and Mr Meinhof..
permalink so Ulrike re-assigned?
the whole world's gone crazy...
permalink no, different Messers Baader and Meinhof
odd coincidence, but you keep bumping into them

permalink you been on the absinthe again?.
permalink he might well have been
i was sober for the first evening in 10 days *

maybe that was the problem

* we were officially on holiday
permalink My four year old wants to play mousetrap.
Only she doesn't. She wants me to set mousetrap up, spend 15 minutes trying to get it to work properly, have two goes then get bored.
permalink give her a real mouse trap
permalink That's how I used
to play Mousetrap.
permalink I think that's how everyone used to play those sort of games
Sounds like she's doing it spot on!
thread Well. Since I worked until 11pm yesterday, I am stopping for today.
I will not, however, be able to drag the Spaniard and Mizemma to the pub because they got absolutely smashed last night while I was working and are not therefore up for any more.

I may go on my own.
permalink if you can be arsed to cycle / zip car to walthamstow
we wont be long until we are heading to an external brewery
permalink Here in the north it's

permalink I hope you're following government guidelines
and blaming the nearest Spaniard
permalink Been very much trying to ignore everything
other than the actual guidelines.

This includes racist tory MPs, me being the only one in a mask at the corner shop today, and taxi drivers having an Eid party in the house at the end of the street.
permalink the reflection of the 2 looks like a 5
which is depressingly foreboding
permalink lockgomu 50
coming soon to an off-licence/techno nightclub/biological weapons facility near you
permalink yeah i've decided to get something 'stylish' for a mouth guard
rather than the heap of free ones i was given.. looks like we're in for the long haul
permalink I am still in Lockdown 1.0
It feels like the only thing that drove the end of it for others was that they just wanted to go outside more.

Felt like a shitty reason to me.
permalink so, not the massive drop in cases and deaths?
I know we still have to be careful, but more people are now dying from normal flu than covid flu.. even at this time of year. and we dont lockdown every christmas.

While there are plenty of people stupidly ignoring simple things to reduce the risks, there is also a lot of people who have taken the doom-mongering to extremes, and are avoiding doing healthy / sensible things which have tiny associated risks... like going outside for a walk, or a picnic with your family. There seems to be a lot of people who simply dont want to hear good news about this.
permalink I mean you are getting 30-40 cases per day in the sw
amongst 5.6m people. you'd have to snog 28000 people before you got more than even odds of finding someone who had it in the last week.
there isn't a single ward level that had more that 2 cases last week.

and while that doesn't mean we should have glastonbury and reopen offices etc, it does mean that if you take precautions you can live a moderately functional life.

and given your back ground of not-very-risk averse sporting endeavours, it's a different order of magnitude.

permalink Sports injuries tend not to be contageous.
120 people of covid died yesterday in the UK. 48 people died on the day lockdown started.

The R rate is at 0.8 - 0.9, so it won't take much to push it back up above 1.
permalink my point is that it's very regional
and that there is a difference between going to a busy pub and having a functional life... manley seemed to be suggestion the original lockdown shouldn't have bean eased at all.

and yes sports injuries aren't contagious but on a "risk to his family" measure, there are other things way riskier than covid. even a second wave of covid.
permalink According to your link there were five cases in my ward last week.
A ward in Oldham had 22.
A ward in Bradford 32.
permalink I don't want a Twiname gang up to happen
but I'm a bit confused why you're arguing the point - you're not in a self imposed lockdown are you?
permalink "there isn't a single ward level that had more that 2 cases last week"
Either that's wrong or I've misunderstood.

permalink Oh I see
I thought he meant in the South West
permalink I now have a slightly odd image of you and alistair
as a tag team wrestling partnership!

You can choose whether WWE, old school British or lucha libre style!
permalink it has to be lucha libre
those women are fierce (and some of the men wear tutu's)
permalink and that's why local lock-downs are needed and useful.
but there is no point locking up cornwall because northumberland is having a problem...

also if track and trace is working properly, things will look spikey, if you find a family group has it, you will (hopefully) quickly find all the related cases, so that will look like a spike. if you aren't tracking them down they will pop up more slowly over the course of a couple of weeks. (of course i tmight not be working well)

and hopefully they are able to get sense of why there are peaks... was it a rave in oldham, a church in bradford or dogging in essex. which will presumably guide what aspects are locked down.
permalink Surely dogging would be very safe
As long as you don't get out of the car and start licking people.
permalink My impression is that the latter is very much what happens.
And what your average dogger is looking for.
permalink The reason there is not a lot down here is that it is not really here yet.
Every cunt coming down on holiday (and it is busier than i have ever known it) is just bringing disease to a place not yet infected badly.

I do want to hear good news, but cunts going to the pub, refusing to socially distance and milling around outside my front door is not good news, and is why I have been in lockdown - not even going to the shops - since 27th February.

Why do people think that holidays are a good reason to travel? Fuck off out of here, you awful cunts. Yeah, I hear it is good for your mental wellbeing, but I like driving at 140, but do not do it on public roads.
permalink the cunts have been going down there for 8 weeks, (when thre were far more cases kicking around)
Being outdoors is not a major risk factor, none of the big "oh shock look at all the people on the beach" stuff seems to have kicked off any spikes, neither did the BLM protests. .. and you still have next-to-no cases

And the idea that your area is more vulnerable because it hasn't had it yet, does not stand up, herd immunity counts for next to nothing at the levels of infection we've seen.. and the fact you are in a sparsely populated, relatively affluent area, with less house-sharing and mulit-family dwellings will make a bigger difference.

But my point of starting this was really to say you need to be looking after yourself better, and locking yourself up in your house is not good for you, or your family, and frankly they are more at risk of you going mental than getting covid... let alone health issues, financial fall-out and the smell.

for context, there is on average 1 person in hospital with covid PER HOSPITAL at the moment. The traffic the tourists are bringing is more dangerous than the disease.

permalink and
Travel is pretty much an essential part of a holiday.. otherwise you are just at home.. which people were already. And if you live in a flat with 2 kids the need to get out somewhere is pretty pressing.. i'm sorry if your sparsely populated place became slightly less sparsely populated.
permalink there are old timers in his area
still going for their daily sunrise swim.. working the allotments and doing the big shop in exeter
each to his own i guess.. but let the bloody kids out!
permalink I am doing those things,
but I cannot go out in town in the daytime, it is ridiculous out there.

I am not going to shops, but I am driving to the woods and going to the beach for a swim if it is low tide before 7.
permalink A holidy is not essential for anyone.
I get that people want to rationalise doing the things they feel like doing, but coming to a really aged area like this, with an average age of 55, which is not at all affluent, but indeed one of the most deprived catchments, is just selfish.

Just do not come here.

I did not expect anyone on this board to be a conspiracy theorist or denier.
permalink I am neither
and i'm not saying people should all troop down to the SW, i was just pointing out that when you said "why do people think holidays are a good reason to travel?" is a bit like saying "why to people think that meals are a good excuse to eat?"

But back to my main point, locking yourself up for 5 months and counting, is really really not good for you. and continuing to look for reasons not to leave the house, or go to a shop when it's quiet, get some exercise, go for a drive.. or any of the 100s of very very low risk things you can do even in a busy area is not a healthy mindset either.

But more widely things ARE much better than they were at any time since february, they may not continue to be for everywhere if cunts cunt around too much. but becoming a hermit martyr isn't helping anyone... we might be dealing with this for a while so take what respite you can while it's low risk.

permalink That is a terrible equivolence.
We require food - holidays are a very modern and utterly unnecessary luxury. Yes they are fun, but pretending they are important enough to justify travelling in a pandemic is absurd.

Not going out with others IS helping everyone - if we all did it then we might be past this by now, as with NZ - going to a town you do not live in makes you a bit of the problem.
permalink So i'm confused, are you locking yourself in your house and not
going to the shop (for example) because of any special vulnerability? are you going outside and getting exercise fresh air etc? Your initial comments lead me to think you weren't.

I agree that travel increases risk, and in some areas that has (and should have) been restricted. and in all areas "not being a cunt" is important.

But if you live in a place of low risk, stay in that area of low risk, and don't be an arse then there is plenty of things which involve adding a tiny bit to a very small risk... and that keeps it to a level which we have all been fine with in other contexts. Eg the annual flu rush in winter that we ignore, traffic deaths, smoking, mountain biking etc. I dont know about your circs but there are people that have shut themselves up entirely, (for no raised susceptibility reasons).. this is stupid, it's simply making them amplify the fear of an unknown but tiny risk and ignore the real and well understood risk.

for context, total death rate now is lower than the 5 year average, more people are dying of "normal" flu, than covid, positive case rate is pretty much flat and the peaks areas being discovered are concerning, but would also be what you expect to see in a functioning track and trace system (eg they were always there but hidden in the noise). - We've done 25 tests for every 100 people in the country, the highest in any country of more than 10m people..

The bad things that are happening are because people cant go to hospital for normal procedures, or because of the long term effect of the shit we are in, physical, mental and financial.

Comparing us to NZ is pointless, it's a super remote, super low density population who got extra warning and were able to act fast, that was NEVER going to work in the UK, and even if it could have that ship sailed a long time ago, it likely sailed before january...

permalink I want to stay in the area of low risk, but all the fuckers in areas of high risk are coming here.
Why the fuck can they not just stay away?

I live somewhere remote with low density population and where we had early warning, but everyone in the areas which did not have that seem to think that their situation should be applied to us.

The biggest argument I have with deniers is that they seem to put up lots of reasons why it is not a much greater risk to me to go out. I know that - How selfish do you have to be to think that lockdown is for those who are locked down? I am not making the streets busier here because they are already heaving and we have a very aged population here.
permalink When you say denier
what is it that you mean?
permalink Someone who has decided to deny that sensible precautions are worthwhile
to prevent the wider spread of the disease,

In the face of actual evidence that those places where this attitude has been adopted have had massively larger death tolls.

1000 people die every day in the US now - 1 in 1500 British people have died with CXIX.

I would give the kiss of life to a known infected person, but if you thin a holiday is more important than not travelling to low risk areas from high risk areas then i am afraid I think you are simply rationalising to appease your own selfishness.

Going on holiday to a place full of old people and the vulnerable is like joyriding or throwing litter from your car - it makes your life mildly better now, but is worse for everyone, including you, in the longer term.

Also something to do with the opacity of tights.
permalink Well, I'm not great at articulating
but I think some parts of your logic are oversimplified. By no means do I think we've done it right in the UK, but I do think you have a bit more 'safe' leeway than you're giving yourself.
permalink you seem to be reacting to a situation that doesn't exist
the infection rate has never been at the point where people have needed to avoid exposure for their own sake

lockdown and associated measures have never been about reducing exposure, lockdown and associated measures have only ever been about reducing the reproduction rate to ensure we never go to that point

you could go out tomorrow and lick the faces of every visitor in Dawlish and have a negligible chance of infection

as long as each infected person infects, on average, less than one person, and we crack down on any local superspreader events do make sure that happens, there is no reason for you to be hiding indoors and treating this like Ebola, because your personal chances of getting this are, under current conditions, almost zero, and everyone else is coming from places where there chances of catching it are almost zero. Do your part to keep R down but otherwise live life as normal.

we never got to the point where you have any substantial risk, as long as you are not specifically highly vulnerable for a medical reason, and even then...
permalink anyway, welcome back
it's been a while since the board has been this wide
permalink Or, on a more realistic scale,
if you walk across town and have coffee with a friend in their garden, the risk to both you and everyone else is negligible.
permalink It’s finally happened,
I find myself agreeing with you...
permalink Hahaha, I started
doing it slowly over the last few years. Maybe it's as we get older :)
permalink Oh God,
are there any other symptoms??!
permalink In my case,
gaining weight, but I think that's a lockdown thing more than owt else.
which i kept seeing all along the Offa Dyke Way

the welsh seemed to relish the notion of 2 metre separation.. often taking it to 4
with one standing in the middle of the road.

by the time i ended up back in england hardly a fuck given.. though the smaller the place the more attention to mask etiquette
Edale was buzzing after Damian Hall had done his thing (quite superb in all aspects)
but i got a call to return to london so had to end my stomp up to cape wrath
permalink No signs of
Cofiwch Dryweryn then?
permalink none
you're either met with extreme friendliness or corner-eye suspicion that you're a sheep rustler
permalink Never really thought sheep would rustle
what with wool being so soft
permalink It was indeed an unwise amount of wine
but it was a lovely afternoon/evening! And so glad you could join us for a while on our benches :)
And the cheese and chilli biscuits were EPIC.
permalink more hills!
Ben More (Crianlarich) and Stob Binnein today, bit of a leg mulcher that, between the up and the down

now we have trout and wine
permalink Nice.
I did that in the snow last year. Hard work.
permalink we were going to do Beinn a Ghlo on Thursday
but I'm guessing the torrential rain of today will mean the bog is going to be pretty much impassable for a bit

I've seen it suggested to do the route t in reverse - i.e. get the long trudge out of the way, then do the three peaks north to south - any thoughts on this?
permalink There's a serious boggy bit on the way out (done the usual way round)
And there's a bit on the way in that was fine the other week but I could see it being horrible after a lot of rain.

The other way round? Hmmm. The way I did it has a long trudge out, but it's fine. Not hard, just a bit interminable. It gets the steepest climb out of the way early when you're still fresh. I think I'd rather go up that than down it... It would be a fairly unpleasant knee-crunching descent.

It’s a good day out.

It’s not a Ring of Steall, which is a truly epic day, but it’s a good ‘un.
permalink well we did a cheating round of 4
(which, lets be honest, was really just 1 and a bit)
from Glenshee Ski Centre today
permalink Fair enough.
I've done most of that area...
permalink today we took advantage of the universally good weather
to head for some that are normally cloudy and wet even when the sun is out elsewhere,
Ben Oss and Ben Dubhcraig

lovely weather but a bit of a muddy mudfest, even after days of sun
permalink Tyndrum?
I haven;t done those two. A bit boggy by reputation.
permalink there's a couple of miles of slow bog hopping through the woods
so I wouldn't want to do on a wet day, but it's nothing a stout pair of boots and a depth-gauging-stick can't handle and otherwise a pretty easy duo. You can see pretty much every other top south of the great glen from the summit, would recommend

the trail follows lots of nice pools and waterfalls up the hill, so excellent for a scorcher like yesterday
permalink I may take you up on this sometime...
Is that the new place I’ve seen online? Any good?
permalink you mean the brewery?
exale is good, signature has a very good set-up. trumans seems to be good but seem to be making you book.. and wildcard is also nice if you want the evening sun.... the drinking options near my house had gone from next-to-nothing to rather good.
permalink Ok. A cycle up to the Stow is clearly overdue.
And a wobble home.
permalink "a cycle up the Stow"
"a wobble home"

Clearly my dictionary of euphemisms needs updating!
permalink feel free to suggest a day
permalink i'd be up for joining if you decide to go to wildcard.. which one do you go to?
looks like it'll be a rather hot friday too
permalink we tend to do the blackhorse road one, which is closer
but not as cool as the other one.
permalink fewer hipsters
is always a win