thread Had the sort of day that demanded
shit food and some ales. Since I'm still recovering from Teh Illz I headed to the little co-op whilst dodging falling branches and availed myself of some HopHouses and a filthy Rustlers quarter pounder. Either lockdown and the cough has ruined my palate or this burger wasn't actually shit despite being £2. Yes it probably had the same nutritional value as eating my bathroom door but hey, tasty.

Nothing else to see here, as you were.
permalink A mate of mine said he had a fray bentos pie and it was rubbish
He seemed quite surprised.

permalink Family holidays in the late 70s were always
accompanied by the same Fray Bentos pie. It got packed every year and put back in the cupboard when we got home. In the end I think we buried it in France.
permalink have we all seen
the Scots language wikipedia debacle?
permalink Interesting.
I wonder if he used a script.
permalink I've blocked Reddit so can't see that link
Though I've always considered written Scots to be a bit of a debacle at the best of times.

permalink American teen who has no grasp of Scots in the slightest
made 20,000 of the 60,000 wiki articles in Scots and has made 200k edits to articles.
permalink and as he's a brony
Scots wikipedia has a high % of articles about My Little Pony
permalink Wow....
That's special.

permalink the concentration on
MLP seems to back up the "he's done it mainly by hand" theory
permalink I think you mean
Ma Wee Cuddie
permalink jammers gives a good summary
written scots (a syncretic language, but unlike eg modern Italian not one a government has tried to make official) is an absolute mess, but apparently the wiki has been cited academically in support of it. Which is a problem when a large part of said site has been put together by a my little pony fan from the US apparently translating by sticking words (not phrases!) in to an online Scots dictionary and replacing word by word.
permalink my mate has just pointed out that we should
just use the Broons and Oor Wullie as canon, for spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

permalink if we all want to write
as if we're from Dundee?
permalink Shat yah pus.
permalink The Broons is where
I learned the phrase 'you've still got yer baffies on yer feets'
permalink that's fucking hilarious.. i watch some hiking/climbing youtubes set in scotchland
and quite often the locals warn their just about to butcher a name of a munro or whatever
always wondered why they bothered (who makes the rules) it was never going to be on the scale of a yank saying 'edin-burg'
but anyway now we know..
permalink I am not a clever person
permalink woo
permalink the suspense..
permalink i had posted an ask for help
and then i sorted it before I got an answer
permalink Well
an answer from us, anyway.
permalink Having one of those already
I think the Spaniard and I might eat in the pub tonight. Last chance to get half price food which we're all going to paying the other half of anyway through taxation. Where the fuck do people think the free money comes from, eh?
permalink they just fabricate it on a puter screen don't they &
since most cuntries are taking a hit will it even effect inflation or gbp value?
permalink As we know pretty well
by now, people are thick.
permalink Indeed.
Might as well get my tiny % worth of my dinner being subsidised by them.
permalink As I was?
Sadly 'panicking and never likely to ever find work at this rate' is where I am.

I want to write a list with three columns - what I want, what i can do and who needs that.

So far I have managed to write no words - I have always been head hunted before - how do real people find jobs?
permalink You could look up job descriptions for some previous job titles on Monster
and pluck some skills out of there?

I think really the starting point is 'how much do I need' because if you don't need much money, it'll open up some stuff for you - like CJ working for Currys.
permalink I need about £25k
after travel.

The problem is that nobody is going to offer me a £25k job if they know I was earning $230k last month.
permalink CJ was found something unrelated before
but he probably isn't making 25
permalink I am not.
It took me months to find something every level. each position gets a ridiculous number of applications.
permalink There is just no work out there
I have been looking hard.
permalink You have furlough on top of that though
permalink This was last year.
I am currently furloughed
permalink how would they find that out
unless you tell them. you just say it was a bit more that i'd be expecting in this nre role as the industry is quite different. blah blah
permalink I'm wondering more
why if he was pulling $230k last month, why there's any hurry for work, and he's not just rolling around on a bed covered in $100 bills, coke and hookers
permalink I already spent it on blackjack and whores.
permalink That could buy you a hell of a lot of
blackjack penny chews. Not so sure on the going rates for whores.
permalink I think they only accept
Fruit Salads
permalink *slips some more cola bottles into the strippers briefs*
Keep dancing!!
permalink make it rain!
*chucks a quarter of flying saucers and flumps in the air*
permalink Yummy yummy.
permalink or look at every other consulting firm you ever sat around a table with
and look at their web sites./ job listings on whatever. they might have something tangentially related.

or local councils will have an ads page that contains a few jobs with the word "digital" in them, most of which you will be able to re-spin your cv to match, especially if it has "project manager" in the title as well.

Also do get your CV spun in a couple of different ways and ready to go, my former firm has a moratorium on hiring right now, but that will end in a month or something and you can be sure there are some areas that will need new people quickly. for reference , not that you want to work in denham or burton upon trent

permalink see also:
NHS, whatever government quangos have offices near you, the water board, and the mahoosive nuclear power plant.. if that's not a million miles away.

permalink I'm now imagining Manley running a nuclear plant like Homer Simpson
permalink No, it is 70 miles away ;)
But yes.
permalink everyone looking forward to the tour de france?
In completely unrelated news, velogames is running a 'Great Big Bike Game' that starts this weekend


I've set up a league: 947142736
permalink nice
.. i was hoping they'd do that
permalink All right
I'm in

You may need to join your own league though

permalink i seem to have signed up as well
it's a really tough call this year
permalink i've changed my mind about a dozen times already
van aert is giving me dilemas
permalink van aert
gives many people dilemmas
permalink I'm still on furlough
so I've volunteered to move over to currys call centre (from home). I'm not really happy about this, but the other option was being in store doing stuff via video call and I think that'd be worse.

Edit I say 'other option', but I could just start on furlough to they take me back to normal work or get rid of me
permalink Speaking of furlough
Am I the only one who wants it to be pronounced fur-lock, not fur-low?

This might just be due to coming from Ireland, where lough is the the equivalent of the Scottish loch, and pronounced exactly the same.

Just me? Never mind
permalink Nobody knows how you choose between
och, uff, ow, oo, uh and oh. They just are.
permalink Oh indeed
And it's not like I want to pronounce Slough as Sloch*
But furlough I just want to loch.

*I do of course want to pronounce it Sluff.
thread I think I've broken my brain
It just has nothing left to give after the last two weeks.

I think I'm going to hide from the world today and do very little.
permalink BEER TIME
that's quite enough zoom/teams/skype for one day
permalink I have stopped for a pint on the way home.
I am absolutely exhausted.
permalink I invited my colleagues to a 5pm zoom call
titled 'Beer and Cathartic Moaning about Students and Teaching'
and it was very well attended

I have no issues with the outcome of the Scottish and Westminster u-turns on Highers/A-Level results, it's the right thing, but we really are absorbing the impact with absolutely no support or guidance whatsoever, both within and without institutions
permalink 2 weeks of coughing
and crap sleep has broken me too but a recent plague test came back negative* so it's back to the docs to see if I've got a chest infection.

(*thank fuck, I'd NOT want to do that again. NHS advert going 'it's quick and easy!' fibs worse than a fibby thing in Fibby McFibface's emporium of fibs.)
permalink yeah they really get in there with that swabby thing
what the hell happened to the 2 hr blood test.. sooo bloody backwards
permalink It's even worse
when you're sat in your car having to do it yourself! I ended up looking like a gammon!
permalink that's just asking for a false negative

permalink False negative or no,
I feel a hells of a lot better this week!
permalink I'm shattered and I've done nothing all week
it is sleep regression time so I'm blaming that but really it is just stress from not having a job. My jaw aches constantly and left eyelid keeps twitching.
permalink I finally started my lockdown DIY project today
I'm knackered, but the plumbing and floor in the utility room are hopefully sorted.
permalink I spoke too soon
but I think the plumbing is now. There's a lot of water in a washing machine when it's not in a washing machine.
permalink To be fair, we did have a lot of booze
on Thursday night which was not going to help brain funciton on Friday...
permalink This is true.
I was remarkably un-hungover on Friday... just knackered.
permalink My laser cutter has arrived.
I've not tried it yet, my laser goggles arrive today.
permalink what are you cutting up with it?
permalink Not "what".... "who"...
permalink is laser etching fingernail tattoos a thing
if not why not?

permalink that never even occured to me
my experience of LASERs are pretty dull really
permalink Wood.
A catan set. Cutlery holders.

I've got a few bits of slate from a beach where we baptised a friend the other day, I'll do something nice on one for her.

Arty stuff I can sell on etsy.
permalink what's the spec of the LASER?
Are you cutting or etching?
permalink "40W" CO2 (these chinese machines are known as K40s)
Which is actually more like 30W but you don't run it on full power or it'll die quickly.

It should cut 3mm wood no problem, maybe up to 5mm.

It's miles off visible light so can do see through stuff like perspex too.
permalink I actually powered it up tonight.
I earthed the case properly (which involves sanding the paint off so the earth point is actually touching the metal) but haven't made any other adjustments.

I hit the laser test button and it made a mark on some wood, so the mirrors aren't terribly aligned but might need a bit of tweaking.
permalink Not great,
not terrible.
thread My brother in law has just moved to Barbados
from Montserrat. He's gone from being the financial secretary of Montserrat to something ridiculously well paid with the IMF.

Meanwhile I'm not sure I'll have a job to go back to. I am on holiday though, in Wales.
permalink Crikey, what does he do?
At least he'll be able to keep you in your retirement.
permalink Don't know his new job title,
but he was in the audit office, then went to St Helena as chief auditor, then financial secretary, then went to Montserrat as financial secretary.
permalink is it like Local Hero
you go into the St Helena tax office, he tells you to see the chief auditor next door, and it's just him wearing a different hat
permalink So like
he trained as an accountant?
permalink God I love Local Hero.
permalink Wife's brother
or sister's husband?
permalink Wife's sister's husband.
permalink You need to put it into context for the aristocracy
Uncle dad, Manley
permalink Jamaica?
No, pay attention, Barbados.
thread Laptop recommendations?
Starview Valley, Terraria, Maybe Starbound and normal usage.

For a teenager.

They are buying it themselves.

If you do not care, what is your favourite pudding (desert, for those in Wigan).
permalink for the laptop just go with a
disposable £300 to £400 one from a reputable retailer. It doesn't need to be anything amazing does it as long as it doesn't die in warranty.

I picked up this one recently https://www.johnlewis.... as my old job wouldn't let me keep my beast of a CAD/FEA machine

Also creme caramel or ile flottante
permalink Is an i3 up to the task?
I thought that Starbound might need an i5.

Of course, I have no fucking idea what I am talking about.
permalink How about this?

Might be too expensive.
permalink looks tidy
dont discount the new amd ryzen stuff they get very good reviews.

is there a starbound reddit who might be able to advise... or if you has his details ask cthonic, i know his kid is into that stuff.
permalink I only know him on facebook
and no longer have facebook.
permalink Shall I buy that?

permalink Can you or someone go and try it? Or one of the same range?
Weight, size, build quality and trackpad are important in a laptop....

permalink Not a chance.
permalink Not to open this can of worms again
But the kid who is spending his cash can't go to currys or john lewis?

Ask CJ, he might have an idea of which models feel most solid.

permalink Not here - We can buy from either online, however.
permalink CowJam
the Currys worker
permalink just to re-emphasise
the on-board graphics on that should play those games ok, but will not be able to play anything more serious if said teenager wants to play something else
permalink No proper graphics card
But I have a thinkpad that's about 7 years old and is great
permalink remember it matters if it's the new generation of them
and it might be one of those things that memory makes more difference for.. thats that they say for video editing anyway.

permalink There is no 'remember' for me
I have no idea what I am doing. :)
permalink Well "bear in mind" then
There are lots of benchmarking websites that will give you a relative sense of any processor.

permalink I feel like everyone else understands,
but I just hear
permalink an i3 of pretty much any generation will be fine for all those games
but if they got into any more onerous games they might want an i5

I think more important would be to have a dedicated GPU in it, a GTX 1050 or RX 560X for example will be more than enough and will only add about £50-80 to the price

steam lists minimum/recommended specs for games: https://store.steampow...

I'm not up with laptops so can't make any specific recommendations
permalink it does the job
it's a 10th generation i3 and it runs office, one drive, spotify and a web browser no issue.

Again, it is a budget laptop to use until I am issued a new one when I find a job, as long as the warranty is there (and everything is backed up to the cloud) I'm not too stressed about the rest of it.
permalink budget?
they are likely to want to be able to at least play fortnite on it... which might ramp it up a bit.... but you can add external graphics cards i think with some thunderbolt connections... but that's a bit of a dark art to me. would be the top end


permalink No fortnight here
permalink Having done the eGPU thing myself
I cannot really recommend it.
It ended up expensive, unreliable, and didn't deliver the performance that it should have done. No matter what you do, the on board graphics tend to get in the way.
My suggestion would be to get a laptop with discrete graphics, or just don't and accept that you may get outdated faster
permalink totally agree
it was a nice idea though
permalink It works very well,
but only if you're using external monitors only.
If you want to use the built in screen too, the on board graphics gets in the way and interferes with all the screens. You obviously can't use the eGPU to drive the built in screen, and windows is shockingly bad at remembering what to do with external screens in any event, so it's usually a lottery as to what happens when you plug it in and turn it on. You then inevitably end up with apps opening on screens that aren't there, and all of that jazz.
Having switched off the internal display, I've got it to run pretty well, but it also helps if you shut down, rather than attempting to unplug the screens while the laptop is on. It's really not trouble free, and it doesn't appear (at least to the user) to behave at all consistently
permalink I don't have a favourite. I love lots of puddings equally.
Ignoring specs, there's a large variation on bold quality / feel. If you can take teen to a large currys (or wherever).
permalink tiramisu
and not messed with or unnecessarily complicated in any way
permalink awesome choice
permalink Strong.
permalink Just have a coffee
permalink if I'm at an Italian
I normally have both
permalink Mrs Witchy just bought
a new machine for her daughter to go to Uni with. I specced up a 1,86GHz i7 with 16gb RAM and a half terabyte M2 ssd and we went with a shiny silver IBM Stinkpad for around 800 notes.
permalink Lenovo?
permalink Yes, sorry.
I still put the 2 together as one even though Lenovo separated maybe 15 years ago? ThinkBook 14 with last year's i7 chipperydoodah in it.
permalink 800 is too much.
We are thinking of this now:

It is about £125 over budget, but I do not know if we can do as much for less?
permalink The 125gb ssd option is a lot cheaper at 369
And then get a nas or external drive next birthday.

Or go 500gb hd, and live with the slightly slower load times .
permalink Those are all 5th Gen processors
I'd be keen to get a later processor if at all possible.

Ed: Perhaps something like this:
permalink I got (well, they got) that one,
but 256GB SSD
permalink I'm not overly fussed for dessert
I see it mostly as a sign dinner wasn't big enough.

But I'll go old school with a banana split (w grated chocolate) or some sort of ice cream / sorbet . Or apple pie with ice cream.

If its Christmas dinner then there better be trifle though.

permalink bit of a split
for hot ones, big fan of a good sticky toffee pudding (though so many are bad)
cold? Lemon Meringue Pie

though of course there's my sister's near fatal sponge trifle, ideal to end a christmas dinner for those that don't like christmas pudding but risky to have near naked flames

permalink my fake god-daughter starts 'feeding' her xmas cake on halloween
it's knocked out quite a few guests
permalink When you cook it all the booze
stops being booze.
permalink that's why you put the booze in
*after* it's cooked
permalink exactly
permalink Ah!
I call the bit where I add booze before cooking 'feeding'.

I do not really like boozy cake though. so I am hardly a good yardstick.

permalink I don't like boozy booze
but in cake or pudding it's somehow different
permalink I don't know of any in Wigan or its environs,
But it's got to be the Gobi for favourites deserts, right?
Or the Mojave, for it's proximity to strong internet and something that used to resemble civilised society.
permalink FINALLY
I've been waiting for someone to make that joke
permalink And lo!
You got your just deserts
permalink Possibly "cultural"?
permalink That's overly mean to Wigan
Given that I'm doing a site there currently, I am inclined to applaud its many benefits and pleasures, so that my client will do exceedingly well, and consider its successes to be as one with my skill and proficiency.
permalink "Ah... Wigan. Great place. You've got, er, pies!"
"And there's a bloke along the road with a lot of sheds."
permalink Good lord, the WRS
I'd forgotten about that
permalink You don't want to be forgetting the WRS
Stay Alert. Control the Shed.
permalink when i was in wales a woman asked me (after just asking what year it was last year)
"what's the place with the pies?"
all i could think of was shepherds or belem.. turns out she meant Wigan
permalink rhubarb crumble and custard
permalink I forgot about creme brulee
I'd like to change my order.
permalink Hmm.
Not a terrible contender.
permalink poshest I'll give you
but not best
thread well if your day's not going well
at least you didn't cycle off the side of a bridge

EDIT: fixed link

apparently he's "ok" but it looked pretty bleak when it first happened and nobody knew what was going on.
permalink out the rest of the season though
permalink When it happened it felt like they would be happy with
"ever able to walk again"
permalink it's been taken down. is this the Dauphine?
I was just reading about it. I've been to the seaside, rain, wind, cold, chips. Properly British.
permalink oh no, another race
Blimey, almost like shoving too many races into too short a time with not early season was a bar idea.
permalink To be fair the monuments are always brutal
And they usually do this while it's raining or snowing.

permalink Il lombardia
He's got a broken pelvis it seems
permalink That'd
permalink jebus!
that looks nasty!
permalink fractured pelvis
lung contusion. Flown back to Belgium supine.
He'llbe back. He's 20. They bounce. Before Lombardia this season he had entered 4 stage races, one of them a World Tour level one, and had won all of them, including taking a stage in each. He was favourite for Lombardia, which is one of the five big one day races.