thread I was reading a book earlier
And sneezed... And hurt my elbow.

Not by hitting it on something, it sort of strained it.

Getting old is no fun.
permalink I once knackered my ankle so badly I could hardly walk for a week
just by sitting down a bit funny. Considering the wonders of the human body, it's very easy to break it just by sitting down a bit funny.

Which sounds a bit like something Norman Clegg would have said.
permalink I put my back out like that once.
permalink Back in the days when I could still
have a bath* I'd enjoy said bath then spend the rest of the week with one lame foot. Took me ages to work out that the cause was the way I was resting my heels either side of the taps while stretched out.

(*this house has a bath but the boiler can't spit out enough hot water to fill it, so thank feck I have an awesome shower)
permalink And wouldn't you know I fucking
did this last night when I put my feet up. Awkward angle on the left side so now I'm in agony. Boll and indeed ocks.
permalink you could always light a fire
under the bath
permalink mm lovely lovely
melty melty.
permalink only in a plastic bath.. and then it gets splashy splashy
pretty quickly.

in my previous visit to a bath factory* they showed some photos of their polish team using one of their products as a BBQ, which seemed to work surprisingly well

*remember the fun reason's we'd leave the house 6 months ago.
permalink Plastic bath as a BBQ? Whatever next.
Unfortunately the splashy splashy fun would be in the kitchen but since I'm planning on putting a downstairs bathroom in anyway...

One of Mrs Witchy's more epic work trips was to a bog factory in The Valleys, she had to fly to Cardiff then get driven all the way to look at the fine porcelain and ultimately not buy any of it.
permalink it was a steel / enamel bath
and shower tray place...

and while i dont buy any myself, I do put them in standard spec books and they sell a metric shit-ton of them... though they had enough baths and showers in stock to entirely refit something about the size of edinburgh, and that was 3 weeks stock.
permalink have you considered
not using this bloke?
permalink we only work with the best,
so we have to.

permalink fully understand
that your hands are tied (probably in a shower hose, somehow)
permalink The body is feeling suspiciously OK
after running an 82 km week for the first time.

I'm sure something will go wrong in a comedy fashion though. And I am monitoring a whole bunch of niggles, and fighting them with a combination of yoga, soaking in the bath and compression stockings
permalink I'm trying the same... But just using beer and squirty cream
permalink Obviously I applied squirty cream
before putting on the compression tights
permalink I made the mistake of doing a coached session on a clay track
having never run on clay before

and have had to lay up for the best part of 3 weeks for my shins to recover
permalink A clay track?
You mean a normal red running track?

Surprised that would be worse than running on tarmac/concrete, should be bouncier. Presuming it was more the effort than the surface? I've only run on a track a couple of times, mostly cos our only proper track is miles away in an inconvenient place. When I do fast speedwork, I try and do it on a good grass surface. Which is difficult now it's winter and most playing fields are turning into bogs

permalink it's an old 1960s track
so I think maybe cinder rather than clay (I'd assumed the latter because it floods, but google tells me it's cinder), and not in a great state - uneven and with a loose surface

was already having a bit of shin problems, then a hard session on that tipped me over the edge, was genuinely worried I'd fractured sommat, but all seemingly good now

permalink Yeah, shin splints suck
permalink mrs meep has just bought a load of books on injury prevention
I shall estudiously read them all and ignore all the advice
permalink Good man!
That's generally the idea!
permalink compression sleeves
usually sort them out
permalink they help a bit
but I worry they just disguise the symptoms rather than treat the cause
permalink if i feel i'm getting them.. and it's usually bad/insufficient stretching
especially if i know i'm going up hills.. what i've found recently is that zero drop shoes have stopped me needing them altogether
your mileage may differ
permalink i walked the south downs way in 3 days to meet my bubble last week during the 32 degree heatwave
carried my food but thankfuck for the public taps!
saw 2 runners.. 30 odd other hikers & a shit tonne of cyclists who acted like they owned the place naturally

feet needed a good rubbing down with ghetto tiger balm
permalink Trying to work out how one makes ghetto tiger balm
Some Pritt Sticks and a bottle of Sriracha?
permalink nice recipe
i think the official one is vaseline mothballs and turmeric.. i just get the two pack from the one pound shop ;)
permalink Getting old is way better than the alternative.
How is your elbow now?
permalink All fine it seems
Maybe it just wanted to remind me it was there.
permalink First day at home alone.
I am not dealing with this so well.

Is there any possible excuse not to drink myself sick?
permalink Because it would reduce the amount of cake and ice cream you could eat?
permalink It seems that I was wrong about unemployment.
It is not as much fun as I had hoped.
permalink traditionally, this is done in the park with fellow job seekers
Have you been to the job centre to sign on? You should do that
permalink I cannot sign on,
I am not eligible for any help at all.

permalink Oh, a rejection email just arrived.
permalink You'll get lots and it's ok.
I applied for loads of stuff before I ended up at Currys and even then it was months between applying and actually getting a response.

Are you staying in your field or looking at other stuff?
permalink Let's hope it's not come to him
staying in a field yet
permalink Badum!
Hello stranger... how are you?
permalink I am fine, thankee
Work seems to be picking up for the time being, so that's nice, and I've not gone bust in the meantime, so that's all good.

How are you?
permalink Exhausted
I've had 3 days' holiday in 6 months.

But basically alright.
permalink I specifically wanted to be a Funeral Director
I got a couple of roles back in February and turned them down, but did not get the local one.

Sadly the woman who hires locally hires for almost everyone locally, so her dislike of my haircut is probably a deal breaker for the career in general.

I shall look for some contracting / consulting gigs. I fancy qualifying in gender analysis so I can consult on inclusiveness governance. seem reasonable?
permalink I'd forget about Funeral Directing
I hear it's a dead end job
permalink I had a rejection email
at quarter to 7 on Sunday morning
permalink Hopefully
that sounds like the sort of place you do not want to work.
permalink that is very much the case
Although it took me about a day to find it funny
permalink great lyrics for a
blues song too
permalink People still do those?
Most jobs usually just ghost you
permalink got to be careful with Manley
if you're not very clear about it he'll just turn up on Monday
permalink The assumptive close
I calls it, see?
permalink Has someone not been paying their NI?
permalink We are the Knights who pay
permalink No,
someone lets out part of their house.
permalink also, re your tweets this morning
if you're still a "non exec" does that mean you're still getting an income from them that way?
permalink No
it is just stock and expenses.

It suits me well, and will benefit me looking for other roles, but pays no bills.
permalink OK
thread went to the seaside yesterday
thankfully Felixstowe wasn't too busy, unlike Bournemouth.
permalink the park in th emiddle of epping forest was a zoo
100s of kids doing balloons and drinking... the sheer number of shitty cars with tweaked exhausts makes me think it's become the go-to spot for the essex yoot.

permalink I cycled through a bit of Epping Forest on Monday afternoon...
...but I managed to stay away from the busiest bits I think.

Car parks were mobbed.
permalink this is basically at the highest point
there is a pub there but I dont think that was causing the problems.

foresters arms on the loughton side is worth pausing at if you are near.
permalink I didn't go that far north...
permalink Sensible... There be dragons and all that
permalink it's always pretty ugly up there.. pandemic or not
the wedding receptions held up there full of blinged orange people with their curious hair is pretty funny though
permalink I was going to say that it was all getting a bit crazy in Kelvingrove
which was evacuated by police yesterday after a thousand teenagers decided to have an impromptu festival

but now that's looking literally like yesterday's news
permalink Indeed.
WTF was that all about?
permalink turns out the folk who were warning
that dumping asylum seekers in hotels without access to support services might create issues

were right
permalink If I had to live in a park Inn for 3 months
I'd have stabbed someone a while ago.

permalink as there's nobody in the city centre these days
other than rehoused homeless and asylum seekers, with the odd far-right rally, it is apparently something of a skid row-esque mental health disaster area
permalink So pretty standard for Glasgow
permalink Dawlish was shit.
Don't come to Dawlish.
permalink it's OK
East Anglian coast is definitely my limit for now. Would like to make sure that on day trips I spend more time at the place than I do getting there.
permalink Google reckons it would be 4hrs 27minutes driving, leaving now
curiously it reckons the fastest route is via Birmingham. Wouldn't have expected that, my instinct would be to go via the fucking M25 and M4
permalink M6, M5
it's a bit counterintuitive but it does work (to Bristol anyway if the M25's really bad)
permalink Yup, A14/M6
whizzing through the lovely (now) catthorpe interchange, M42(S), M5. Much better than utilising the circle of doom and all who sail in her.
permalink I'm informed that the M6/M42 bit had changed
so I'll never be able to drive to Birmingham airport again without ending up in Wales, but yes.
permalink It's all clearly marked but think
of it as leftmost lanes for M6/M42(S) and rightmost lanes for Toll/A446/M42(N). Stick in the middle for M6 Cov/Brum.
permalink If we now start discussing golf handicaps
And house prices we might have to close this thread as breaking too many middle-aged-men-at-a-dinner-party clichés.

What you driving nowadays anyway?

permalink Hehe, I've just driven that road an awful lot over the years :)
My current steed is a Passat Estate 190 TDI DSG and is currently covered in rook shit as I've only used it 3 or 4 times since March. Golf can get in the sea.
permalink "Do you play golf? what's your handicap?"
"I can't got the little ball straight"

And so on
thread If you got the BLM bundle
8 Bit Space is a fun little spectrum style platform game for Android.
permalink excellent
I have been enjoying Pikuniku, an anti-capitalist cartoon puzzle platformer, and Golf Peaks, a minigolf card-based puzzle game
permalink I'll take a look at pikuniku
permalink It's not very long
but it's quite enjoyable
permalink if memory serves
"that's what she said"
permalink I've had an itchio for a while,
hopefully the cream will sort it.
permalink Is it a heat rash?
An itchio scorchio?
permalink I hope not, 'cos it's
going to get scorchio this week, 29 degrees wed/thu/fri.
permalink Lucky buggers
Was a toasty 2° here yesterday morning. And we seem to be afflicted by TEH FOG!!
permalink if you have to be on hold to a holiday company, can I recommend being on hold to Jet2
If only for their weird mix of hold music, Katy Perry into Martha Reeves, lady Gaga into Roxy Music. Quite enjoying it. Now it's "My Girl'
permalink Remember when my van got bumped?
Well, the insurance said it'd be sorted without us paying the excess or damaging our no-claims. Then we waited ages for them to actually do anything. Today our van was taken away, but the replacement vehicle hadn't been sorted.

MrsJam has repeatedly called and web-chatted with Privilege and got really angry today. She was told Thrifty would drop a suitable replacement vehicle off tomorrow and was offered £80 compensation.

He actually used the word 'compensation' rather than 'gesture of good will', so MrsJam said "£80 is suitable for the loss of our vehicle for a day, but puts no value on the time I've spent contacting you about all this". So we're getting £150 as a bank transfer.
permalink I'm am now a berlingo driver
permalink do you feel better for it?
permalink No, I feel significantly older.
That said, it'd make a nice executive car. It's ridiculously easy to drive, comfortable, and has speed control, speed limiter, and lane assist.
permalink amy's the same
her spanish is improving no end.
permalink 4rf!
permalink Don't encourage him
permalink Watch out,
CI will steal her from you.
permalink One's quite enough!
permalink Olé
permalink nice one MrsJam!
thread so it seems my laptop has a spare drive bay
which was a bit of a surprise, i think in the intention that you had a small ssd for the os and a bigger one for storage... i've been running out of space for weeks.. and if you are opening you might as well stick some more memory in it.... so tomorrow if you need me i'll be searching around under the kitchen table looking for that tiny screw that i've dropped and muttering "how was i supposed to know it went that way up....."

what are you planning to do that you haven't done in a while?
permalink I was so bored yesterday
that I repotted all the house plants. At some point I need to sort out the plumbing and floor in the utility room, but I'm not rushing it, I've had the flooring since March...
permalink we have conspicuously failed to repaint the woodwork at the
front of the house as well....
permalink Housework, general tidying and spring cleaning.
Also in the middle of fitting cctv on the house now it's mostly empty at night
permalink They mostly come at night.
permalink Open the drive bay doors al...
permalink Playing with the partitioning on an external 6TB hard drive
and shifting data off a 1TB drive onto it.

I've been putting it off as the 6TB has an NTFS partition that works and a much bigger linux partition that doesn't. I've reached the point where I can't be arsed saving anything on the linux bit even if there is anything worth saving on there, so I'll dump it and make it a 6GB NTFS drive.
permalink I found out yesterday that I am being served redundancy notice soon.
So I have updated my CV and I am going to find a new job.

The phrase "right-sizing" was bandied about.

I need to buy a laptop as well which is fun.
permalink Welcome to the club.
permalink I had fun sanitising my Twitter account last night
we've had many silly conversations on that platform
permalink Haha!
I ended up deleting my entire account and just starting a brand new one - same name.
permalink that is a more
sensible use of my time
permalink My missing cat turned up last night.
It was only for about 30 seconds, but at least I now know it lives somewhere else and has not been eaten by an Alsatian.
permalink Make sure they follow procedure
See how much you can get out of the bastards (absolutely make big asks). Remember that in this HR are very, very much not on your side
permalink yes, exactly
HR are actually still hiring as well.
permalink do make sure to ask about retraining for those roles
just to get the employment lawyers ears twitching.
permalink how big an ask as well?
a new laptop + phone right?
permalink 3 months salary
3 months notice (without working it)

that sort of thing.
permalink yes, that is already on the cards
permalink then double it
permalink noted, thank you
permalink christ fucking almighty
permalink bugger, will you get three months consultation?
if they are doing a lot of people they need to.
permalink I'm not sure yet
they're appointing staff representatives and then pushing it through in about 6 weeks.
permalink Well.... they THINK they're pushing it through in 6 weeks.
It might not prove quite that simple if they try to shaft people...

Sorry to hear, mate.
permalink thanks
I'll be grand
permalink it's 30 days minimum
for 20-99, 45 days for 100+. Staff reps have to agree that there's nothing left to discuss though before that concludes, but aren't allowed to just drag it out.
permalink (was a staff rep at the one two years ago
learned a fucking lot)
permalink is that people on site
or jobs cut?
permalink total jobs cut
within the company/organisation
permalink from what I remember
the clock I think starts ticking once reps are appointed, trained and have their first meeting. And notice doesn't start till the end of the time (the period may though include the selection procedure if there's pools that are being reduced but not eliminated)
permalink I've volunteered to be a rep
realistically I think I am just an extra layer, they'll do what they want and claim a moral victory
permalink I volunteered as well
managed to negotiate up the package for everyone and helped ensure that the selection process for multi-person pools was fairer.
The latter didn't help me much as I was a pool of 1, but the former definitely helped. Even some of the older guys from the factory, who'd been union reps at other companies, were impressed with me.

permalink I think this is very much as case
of you will get what you're given.

Would you be alright answering any questions I have? (through the process, not right now)

I've just had the ballot as well and there are two of us on it.
permalink yes
permalink Thank you so much
my email is 't j p0c0ck' at gmail dot com where the 0s are actually o and which no spaces. Please can you drop me a line when you have a moment
permalink I am going to video my dog doing zoomies and send it to you

I would send a dick pic, but you do not need cheering up quite THAT much.
permalink I've replied to the email, cute dog too
I'm going to state it here as well. You had that email anyway. Although the last correspondence was 2010
permalink I knew this.
I just had a prompt.
permalink I have sent email
it has no dick pics
permalink I never did get around to
wanking into his hat.
permalink I don't wear a hat
all the time any more, I'm a real adult!
permalink That is straight off the
stable floor.
permalink thanks
permalink well bugger me, it worked fine
I now have 512 free giggle-bites to play with... i'm never deleting anything every again.

EDIT: putting the first files on it is like walking on fresh snow.

permalink Lovely.
You'll fill the fucker up though. That's just how it is.
permalink This is why I now have a cute
little external drive sat under my iMac. Oops. Can I find owt when I need it though? Can I fuckery.
permalink I think an imac
Was the last computer I opened to put a new hard drive in... One of the white ones... It was a traumatic experience.

Though I've also done a Nas, which was obviously easier.

I think my laptop is now lighter, there was a dummy bit of metal there in place of the drive, which seems to weigh more than the frankly miniscule SSD I put in.

permalink Never had to do one of the white ones
but I'm quite proficient at drive replacement on the following silver ones without fully taking the screen off. Years ago I swapped the terabyte rust in my 2010 for a terabyte SSD which was eye-watering at the time but oh the speed increase! I did the same to my Mac Mini the following week.
permalink The white ones were basically glued shut as I recall.
I do love SSDs through.

The new memory seem to be making mine zip along nicely, especially since chrome seems to use 2gb nowadays ...

Oh by the way this is the YouTube guy I mentioned on Friday.. he is stupidly detailed.. but interesting. The TV ones are also good and the toaster...
permalink Aaah HIM, yes,
I've watched a lot of his stuff but never noticed the name before. He's back in my suggestions now.
permalink if you like that,
you'll probably like TechMoan as well; very similar concept, but with occasional Muppets.
permalink yeah ive seen a few of his.
permalink Techmoan made me very briefly
famous :)
permalink Does this imply
you were wearing some very small briefs at the time?
permalink he was young
and he needed the money...
permalink The money being
permalink Such an event is not
currently possible.
thread For those of you who don't know this stuff, talk amongst yourselves
for anyone else.

Our friends have 2 pretty autistic kids, one of them is a fucking nightmare at nights. They're thinking of having a remote 'light show' in her room that they can control from their bedroom/downstairs/elsewhere.

Now, I know fuck all about this stuff but realise that there are people on here that might be able to point me at a way to do this sort of thing. Any bright ideas where I could get something off the peggish?

Actually, for those that don't, I've been trying to buy loads of new music for when I "run", recommend something to me. Nothing too fast.
permalink Hola!
This rather has my name on it...

Let me have a think. Must be something around that's reasonably cheap and cheerful, or some things that can be hooked together without too much pain.

If you're prepared/able to put a bit of appropriate work in, something with a Pi/Arduino would be easy enough... have it serve a webpage for controlling it, stick it on the wifi, and they can control it from phone/tablet. It's easy to get cheap chinese colour-changing LED tapes and hook them up to a Pi/Arduino, like cowjam did recently...
permalink I saw 100 individually addressable RGB LEDS on a string for £15 earlier
but didn't buy it so don't have a link.
permalink History?
permalink No I was in app
Not I've found them #Aliexpress £7.93 | 50-100PCS WS2812B LED Module String Panel Pre-soldered on Heatsink with 10CM Wire 5V WS2812 Built-in SMD5050 RGB Idividually
permalink God that's cheap.
I know they'll be a bit iffy but for home/hobby fun, that's fantastic.

And matt - I think one of these would work with it: https://www.aliexpress...

The App actually looks usable (ie it isn't in Chinese)...

This stuff is so cheap that it's basically worth a punt.
permalink Oooh...
we're approaching that time of year when I get reminded that spunking money on AliExpress isn't really affordable...
permalink thank you
I'll have a look
permalink is one of these

and one of these

a but too simple?
permalink they're both the same thing
but I can see what they say
permalink oops
basically one of those starry night projectors and an app-controlled plug
permalink thanks
just trying to get ideas at the moment
permalink That's good thinking for a simple solution...
If they just need to be able to turn something on and off, a wifi plug and whatever lighty toys you can find.
permalink Unbranded wifi plugs are fine.
Mine are yagala and are significantly cheaper, work with alexa, Google and have a free and easy to use app.
permalink thanks
to be honest at this point everything is an option
permalink I've not had chance to play with it yet, but I've just bought one of these
#Aliexpress £7.24 | M5Stack Official 2020 New Arrival ATOM Matrix ESP32 PICO Development Kit Arduino IMU Sensor Python

It's an esp32 with addressable rgb led square that's also a push button.

In other words, it's a programmable wifi doodad with a colour display that's also a button.
permalink This thing is awesome.
I'll have a go at some light pattern stuff.
permalink rage against the machine is best for running
very even tempo and angry enough.

the prodigy is also good... maybe some queens of the stone age.

permalink I've been tending to use more downbeat
Baxter Dury is good, New FADS, Dry Cleaning who me and Albert saw a few months ago, the new Transglobal Underground, I quite like Burial too.
permalink i may not be too much help then
i need to be angry to run... metronomy? tame impala?
permalink How about 'thy damnation slumbereth not',
that's definitely got a trottable beat, as has 'the light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)'
permalink I thought you might like this
permalink Aye, I saw that the
other day, most splendid.
permalink I like this
permalink I tried HMHB
but was struggling with singing along
permalink Ah yes,
I can see that being an issue.
permalink I used to cycle to school - 25 miles in Devon
and I had a tape with a loop of Paradise City on it, because the tempo really worked for me.

permalink How about some
permalink It's a way of life!
permalink The nearly way of life
... if I remember correctly.
permalink We should ask
Zog if he remembers.
permalink He's too busy meming his tits off
permalink Out of curiosity
what problems are they having? Friend has autistic first child, melatonin gets her to sleep but she's awake again 4 or 5 hours later...

(ie. around 2am she's up for the day)
permalink I am not advocating this, but . . .
when she was not working, my mother used to divide a fortnight into 21 days.

I would get 4 hours' sleep, followed by 12 hours awake, rinse and repeat. You need good curtains, but I just would not ever sleep for more than 4 hours, whatever happened, but it turned out that i would do it more often than expected, so I had 3 'days' in every 2 actual days.

This is all pre-school age mind, and I went to school at 3, so . . .
permalink That is some very dedicated parenting.
My friend's retraining to be a nurse, with the intention that she'll be able to be around more at the times when they need her and sleeping when they're at school... I don't know how that'll pan out!
permalink essentially that
the melatonin has never kept her down for more than a few hours. Last night was 1-4am shouting then up for good. It was a bit better when she was at school full time, but not much.
permalink Aye similar problem then.
If the lightshow helps I'd be interested to know!
permalink Also I hate running
so I can't help specifically, but Lizzo is good for dancing. If you like Burial, maybe Flying Lotus?
permalink I will let you know how they get on
permalink I don't listen to music when I run
I prefer to hear the rhythmic piston-like pristine movement of my perfectly-honed body

that and the wheezing and palpitations
permalink And the abuse hurled by the denizens of Maryhill...
...disgusted by your attempts at physical exertion rather than eating chips and drinking Bucky on the corner?
permalink this^^
I don't like running with music, as I like to be aware of my surroundings, whether that be fuckwits in cars trying to kill me or other people running/on bikes if on trails
permalink I've just discovered a new negative side to running
got up this morning, squatted down to pick something up, and my pyjama bottoms ripped neatly in two all the way round

I'm definitely blaming this on the glutes, not the pies
permalink I'd consider it a considerable victory
that you could squat deeply enough to rip them!
permalink I prefer no music on trails/roads
and fast music on a treadmill

although I don't run much nowadays. I tend to walk or go out on the bike
permalink Drop the kids off in a forest
And tell the parents not to have any more
permalink Ah, yes
parenting, Northland style