thread Looks like BT have one engineer for the whole of London
£130 & 7 weeks wait for a connection. Isn't privatisation great?

However, the publicly owned PostOffice can do it in a week to 10 days...
permalink both will use
the same Openworld engineer
permalink also
we're using for now.
permalink What, the one with a Dreamhost landing page?

Edit - and this just gets fucking better - http://www.independent...
permalink seem to be working for everyone else
permalink PostOffice can do it without an engineer as there's an existing, active line
Which BT don't seem to grasp
thread Boy, this two parallel C4mbodias do my head in.
what's going on there?
permalink hello
i stuffed up my registration to this one. you dont seem to be able to use spaces in your username here and then i put completely the wrong email address so this was my third try.
permalink And interestingly
the two combined seem to be less active then the one was
permalink I guess this board hasn't been found by everybody yet.
Why is it that the old one gets deleted anyway?
permalink Alternatively, I see Dreamhosts page has a link to their support forum.
I say, we should just hang out there while they sort their mess out.
permalink It's probably been found
but some cock end decided to register a bunch of folks user names
permalink And who was that?
permalink wasn't me
I have no idea how one would do that
permalink No folks
just a couple of complete cocks

[This is not Manley]
permalink I thought it was just Manley
who else?
permalink it's a different host
jonas uses dreamhosts, I use webfaction (which should be a bit more stable)

it's a clean install of the software, so a new blank database. We could migrate the database across, but we're lazy.
permalink I'm not sure tino
I'm not sure.
todays things I don't fully understand: mainstream Scottish nationalism wants to revert the union 1707 but not the union of 1603.
permalink Cos happy hour doesn't start till 5?
permalink like that's ever stopped
a scot from drinking?
permalink Seems to be a common trait among ex-colonies.
I guess they figure time-sharing a head of state is saving them money.
permalink the fun bit with 1603 though
is that it saw a Scottish monarch take the English throne.
permalink just stick with
at some point the domain will point here instead of the other one, but not yet.
thread Where in the world?
PC world.
permalink Are you still mincing round the colonies?
I'm entirely bored of packing now
permalink Yes
NY for the weekend, I think. Columbus now, Boston tomorrow.
thread oh THERE you
all are. This is what happens when I go to Ilford, hmm?

*makes notes not to go to Ilford*

Nice clean carpet in here, obvs Flan's woofers haven't found the place yet!

permalink *sneaks in through bathroom window*
permalink your wall climbing
skillz are legendary.
permalink I use my penis as a piton
permalink Good job we are in the basement then
permalink they should do this with facebook
where there are 2 identical looking versions... but entirely separate

permalink one small
and one far away?
permalink and continually
on the verge of war
permalink Left Twix/Right Twix
. .
permalink of course
wev're also been in the facebook and reddit liferafts
permalink it was the bacefook
liferaft that pointed me here. Didn't realise Jonas would pull the plug so quickly!
permalink Dreamhost
are spacking . . . the old board is still up at the moment

permalink I've let him know
to redirect the domain as/when he wants
permalink ah, I just got a holding
page last night and thought 'eep'
permalink I am 53
Somebody tell an old bastard where his stapler is
permalink Behind You!
thread Where's Wally Vs. Where's Waldo
Well, it turns out he is British and was Wally first, but it's not just in America that Wally's given a different name either. His name has been 'loalised' in many countries:

•Arabic: Fodhouli (فضولي)
•Bulgarian: Уоли (Uoli)
•Croatian: Jura
•Czech: Valdík
•Danish: Holger
•Swedish: Hugo
•Dutch: Wally
•Estonian: Volli
•Lithuanian: Valdas
•Finnish: Vallu
•French: Charlie
•German: Walter
•Hebrew: אפי (Efi)
•Hindi: Hetti
•Hungarian: Vili
•Icelandic: Valli
•Italian: Wally
•Korean: 월리 (Wolli)
•Japanese: ウォーリー (Wōrī)
•Mandarin Chinese: 威利 (Wēilì)
•Norwegian: Willy
•Polish: Wally
•Portuguese: Wally
•Russian: Уолли (Uolli)

I have no idea why, but I suddenly find that I do care. Do you know?
permalink Do I know what ?
permalink Do you know
permalink I can barely
remember my own name most of the time.

4lb to lose and I'll down to 15 stone, so I wont even recognise myself
permalink who said
permalink *slips on speedos*
*oils up*
permalink *Applies Mindbleach*

. . .
permalink chop yer head off
that'll do the trick
permalink I don't want to move again, I'm going to stick to the other bo
til the DNS is changed.