thread OK
Which one of the scotcher members was this?
permalink Good shot . . .
. .
permalink not the first time someone got him in the nuts with a shoe
it happened on a tv show.. funny if it became a thing

TOTD - Suicidal Rap Orgy - Kitty Fucker (nsfw)
permalink TOTD is actually
permalink again?!
i don't know who'd win the fight between you and witchy to have their babies..
permalink i dont get it
permalink there are no girls on this board
permalink i dunno
i dunno
permalink Watch out for Amy . . .
. .
permalink oi!
permalink but you're a
permalink soemone the other day
on twitter linked to the twitter account of the 14yr old lass that did it. She was apparnetly on t'radio and everything in the aftermath.
permalink lol syria
permalink She was in
Metro today
permalink Goosewing!
permalink Hello,
What a lovely welcome back!
permalink any time :)
I haven't "seen" you for ages - how's things?
permalink Likewise
Thought about this place on a walk the other week, thought I'd pop by and see if it was still around...
I'm good thanks, how are you?
permalink oooohhhh don't ask.
I'm seeing my spinal consultant tomorrow re further surgery on my (obvs) spine.

Things are much quieter here than they were in the old days, but it seems to work for us lot with pre-senile dementia...
permalink Sounds like a barrel load of laughs.
Hope all goes ok.

Was just having a flash back to *lowers voice* 4rthur on the wayback machine...happy days!

thread Bomberman on a grand scale
have at you

permalink my little notepad isn't powerful enough to run it
I'll have a bash on the work machine tomorrow.
permalink it's utter madness
especially when the game-chomping Pacmans turn up just as everyone in the vicinity turns into nyancat
permalink I am confused
but then again, have never played this game

so this might be perfectly reasonable
permalink even if you had played it
you'd be confused. I keep getting confused.
permalink Fairly
permalink Correct.
permalink New Person!

permalink Old person

[edition] by which I was referring to myself, It would appear there have been numerous quakes since my last visit here so I couldn't rightly remember what my old login was
permalink We have moved and everything
at least new registratons work now

Welcome back :)
permalink Thanks
I'll pull up an uncomfortable chair, never pays to get too settled...
permalink Enjoy.
Hanging out here is pleasant and undemanding.
permalink You're not my Billy!
permalink Tino?
permalink I guess it's just goosewing
in a fancy dress.
permalink It is a lovely gown
I think it might be Valentino
permalink you'll appreciate this ad
permalink I made a version of bomberman in Turbo Pascal
at school so we could play during IT practical lessons.

There's another health scandal, in Bolton this time. It feels like they're closing in!
permalink apropos of nowt,
the boss of Borland (turbo pascal creator) Philippe Khan invented the cameraphone. Fact. The first pic sent over the internet was his newly born daughter.
permalink Awesome. I loved the Borland TP dos based IDE,
possibly because it's the only one I've spent a serious amount of time with, but I knew it well and loved it.

I keep meaning to try free pascal but suspect that either it'll be a time sink or I'll hate it because of the inferior ide.
permalink QUESTION TIME!
My wife would like an 'internet radio'. A small device capable of playing iplayer radio programmes and probably mp3s too.

Any suggestions?

Edit: Also, free photo editing software? Nothing as fancy as photoshop and needs to be straight forward.
permalink you can get Pure radio ones, they're the only ones I have had any indirect contact with
it worked.
permalink They look good, but it doesn't explicitly
state that it plays iplayer stuff and that's essential. I'll have to dig deeper.
permalink As new_matt says, Pure are decent
as are Roberts, & I've read good things about the Logitech Squeezebox range. Or get a Sonos.

Re edit: Gimp?
permalink My father in law wants to crop, etc, photos
I think gimp might be overkill and a bit beyond him. I'll have a play with it this evening though
permalink There's a load of free cloud ones
or copies of PC Pro / PC Plus magazine always have an older version of one on the cover DVD.
permalink then
is much easier than gimp
permalink I'll give it a go. Not at work though, it's not loading here.
Actually, nothing new is loading. Looks like the DNS has fallen over.
permalink Microsoft Office Picture Manager
crops, rotates etc.
permalink iPlayer is the complicated bit
for that you'll need something that runs a web browser or at least Android, so need more than just a small internet radio

alternative would be a dab/wifi radio that can stream off e.g. a smartphone
permalink We have phones and laptops but it's a pain using them due to
battery life. Those Pure ones look good, but it depends whether they play the iplayer stuff. The expensive one does facebook and twitter so is presumably capable of iplayer, but I think it's going to be a trip to Lewis's to have a look at them.
permalink I believe the iPlayer content is available via feeds (that aren't generally published)
but as you suggest it's going to be very device-specific as to how well those are implemented and accessed

the devices won't say iPlayer as that's not what they're running, but you should be able to access the same content. I'm not sure any of these Pure-type devices are that good at it from what I've seen.

I'd just get an old android phone and a speaker docking station myself.
permalink they are
stuff like get-iplayer which is linux CLI does the job.

permalink playing or streaming?
playing i'd get a cheapo tablet or even a kindle and grab/sync.

streaming is always going to be a batter hog so like other say an older android with a new (bigger) battery or a cheapo tablet again or theoretically you could fire up a usb stick into a tin with a battery and use xmbc with a tiny remote
permalink Any tablets that you'd recommend?
permalink tbh
i'd have to have a mooch around. if i was buying, id get a nexus 7
flan'd be your man for the more esoteric and cheaper stuff
Aye, I'd ask flan but I haven't seen him yet this morning.
permalink i doubt he's doing anything productive
so i presume he's ill
permalink post vodka and weed
permalink having said the above
im suprised we dont have a 3.8" form factor android none phone mini-tablet doing the round akin to the USB sticks but with a screen stuck on

permalink The web here is still playing up, I can't get to that link
permalink a phone without the phone on it
i'm not sure if that's brilliant or mental.
permalink hooked up to a TV
with dual switchable output for displays? that'd be good
permalink You mean an ipod touch?
permalink but without being an ipod
so much easier to use?
permalink There's a 4.3" one at scan:
permalink *waves*
*goes and does the school run*
permalink They are letting you near
the school again?
permalink That's why he's running
permalink Flan has an android powered HDMI dongle
that would do the job I'd have thought. May involve some hackery but was cheap as chips.
permalink I just bought an Acer A210 10" for £205
Not cutting edge, but good screen, good battery life, decent memory & an actual proper-sized usb connection

They've gone up a bit since I bought mine - http://www.debenhamspl...

permalink That's more than I want to spend.
Asda are selling the acer iconia for about £100 but I don't have a clue as to whether that'd be any good or not.
permalink The A200 is an Iconia
It was worth the money for a 10", so I guess the 7" would be similar quality.
permalink Thanks.
permalink *cough*
permalink Ta. What's the battery life like on that?
permalink I don't personally know
but judging by the 91 reviews on Amazon it's pretty good, the RK3066 chipset is the best of the dual core budget SOC's at the moment.

The USB dongle approach is another option, but steer clear of the MK802 (single core), MK808 (dual core, but shit wifi) ones, the MK808B is the better one, or there's some quad core ones starting to appear now, not got my hands on one of those yet as it's chinese new year and his missus has just sprogged.
permalink Shame that dongle's wifi
rather than wired.
permalink There's a few custom roms
that will allow you to use a USB to RJ45 doofah, but you also need to plug it in via a powered hub.
The wifi problem on the 808's is in the kernel and there's no source code been released, so no fix, but you can slap a USB wifi adapter in there
permalink I see.
I was talking to mrsjam about a small thing for iplayer (rather than using a console) and that'd probably do though a pi might be cheaper.
permalink Pi is cheaper and more geeky but...
is a piss poor CPU and GPU compared to the RK3066, the 3066 is virtually a Galaxy S2, but running at 1.6 instead of 1.2
permalink I see. How much is it in real money?
edit: that third one you mentioned
permalink the getting rid of stuff thing didn't
last that long ;)
permalink I'm not getting rid of everything
just stuff I don't actually use, which is most of it.
permalink Which one ?
it's been a looong day
permalink MK808B
permalink Here

But, as I said, the wifi caps out at 65 if you use the built in wifi, the B has bluetooth, the stock 808 didn't, but I just use an RF MCE remote on mine
permalink Ta for the info, but it turns out that
the 100mbps upgrade means the consoles stream iplayer HD stuff well enough for us not to need to try something else.
permalink 55 dorrers
me love you long time
permalink Say what?
You've had an additional child?
I had no idea you were expecting!
permalink Not me numbnuts
my mate out in China
permalink Jesus,
I can't read and digest information anymore.
permalink funny.. that's what most builders
say about architects
permalink *polite applause*

permalink this is
fair comment
permalink free basic and online
permalink there is a need for a question:
normally for damaged filesystems I use EasyRecoveryPro for getting back deleted files but the drive I'm trying to get stuff off has too many errors and keeps barfing.

Anyone got any alternatives? Your prize is no tomatoes.
permalink I don't bother with recovery.
I once had a 60GB drive die on me. I spent a long time recovering all the data onto a second 60GB drive I had. The next day that second drive died. I found a third 60GB HDD and spent a long time recovering all the data onto that third drive. It too died the day after.

The drives had sequential serial numbers, and rather than making sure I don't back up a failed drive onto one from the same batch I simply don't recover data and I don't buy IBM drives any more.
permalink a "Deathstar"
permalink No idea. It was years ago.
I remember a wailing and a gnashing of teeth though.
permalink urgh there is a little command line tool
that everyone recommends but i can never remember its..

now i have..


permalink trying that
one now, ta. It doesn't like unpartitioned disks though :/

Still, put a basic partition on it and it should find all the deleted files!
permalink I know it is obvious but
have you tried applying limes?
permalink no, that'll
kill the pc but at least afterwards it'll be VERY clean.
permalink Depends. I the drive has servere errors
(like loose parts of the disks flying around inside) you should remove it from power and ask a professional recovery company. I had a mate of mine blowing 600€ on the only copies of his wedding pictures once.
Otherwise, here are two programs mentioned in Koroush Ghazi's Tweak Guide, who I trust:


permalink tried recuva
but it wasn't a happy bunny. photorec is currently winning and restoring my cow-orker's videos \o/
permalink I did use something good
but I'm fucked if I can remember what it was. it was called No somethingorother recovery or something like that.

[edit] Zero Assumption Recovery. It pulled tonnes of stuff off a knackered SD Card.
thread Bollocks . . .
Hit a badger tonight . . straight kill (luckily) but Sarah is pretty cut up about it and the front of the car isn't too happy either :(

I'll throw TOTD in here now: Chrome Hoof - Krunching Down (On The Skull Of A Newt) -
permalink Bugger
sorry to hear that...

BBQ at yours this weekend?
permalink Now if it had been a deer . . . .
. .
permalink you could have stocked the freezer
but on the other hand, I suspect the car would be in far worse condition
permalink We only tend to see
the little Muntjacks around here, I think the badger was bigger
permalink yeah, got them around Cambs too
always sounds like a swear to me:

"feck off, ye little muntjack!"
permalink a friend was telling me
that local butchers here have them in. They're cheap (he got a whole one, minus head, hooves, skin and innards, for £30) and tasty apparently. And shot as vermin.
permalink Blimey!
They are good eating and that is cheap. They need a game licence though.
permalink there are quite a lot of deer in the grounds of our office
if you are in before half 7 you often see one or two.

Apparently deer population has doubled over the last decade or something
permalink don't blame me
I made (wild red deer) venison haunch en croute on sunday. It was great.
permalink Got any good
badger recipes?
permalink aux champignons?
permalink My 22 yo cubicle neighbor knows the badger-mushroom song
He has no clue what b3ta is.
permalink take one large mixing bowl
and combine 3 boxes of instant mash with an equivalent amount of water

serve across the face of the lodger
permalink +1
permalink I keep meaning to try to get to a proper butcher
as ever, it is time that's the factor. For many of them the only point when they're open and I'm not at work/commuting is Saturday morning. When I'm often either busy or too bone-idle to leave the house.
permalink are you allowed to mount it (fnar)
i know you can't eat it (good reason to travel in tandem in the sticks.. free food!)
permalink I'm still not convinced
that actually exists in law
permalink A quick google suggests you're right.
You're not allowed to take dead wildlife whether you run it over or the chap in front of you did.

Either the animal is owned so it's "theft by finding" (Larceny Act, 1916), or it's not owned and so it's wildlife which is covered by either poaching acts or the Countryside and Wildlife act, which makes it illegal to take or possess almost anything wild, no matter however you came by it.
permalink Doesn't
the laws change depending what animal it is, deer, for example, are specifically covered by the 1991 Deer Act, it's unlawful to let deer meat enter the human food chain after an accident, only properly hunted or farmed ones are allowed.

Other animals, especially those classed as vermin, can be fair game.
permalink Whilst 'sticks' is undoubtedly correct,
I use Styx, because I like the 'edge of the world' parallel.
permalink and because you love
shitty 80s hair metal
permalink How to pick the perfect video game:
permalink We killed a kitten last summer.
Still hurts now.
permalink :(
I remember, years ago, hitting a dog in East London . . . it was late, dark and none of us in the car was brave enough to get out to see if it was OK . .
permalink I got a Red Kite a few years back
which felt pretty bad

nothing I could have done though, needed new pants
permalink So now you have Red Kite pants?

(I now have the Mr Burns, See My Vest tune stuck in my head -
permalink Aye, I've had that in my head all afternoon
permalink MrsJam once saw a badger which had been hit but wasn't dead
dragging itself along the side of a road. So she smashed its brains in.
permalink Was that before or after
she'd defiled it in the WRS ?
permalink It was before we took ownership of the WRS
permalink I once ran over pigeon
stupid fucker ran under my wheel.
permalink FAO Londoners or near-Londoners
I have a sofabed, a chest of drawers and an Ikea armchair for sale. I'd link to my Facebook post but I can't work out how. But the details are on Facebook.
permalink Hit a possum in New Jersey once
we didn't stop as very drunk
permalink I hit two possums shagging in the middle of the road
in New Zealand.
permalink were you driving?
or just offended?
permalink Driving at night.
Came round a bend, headlights caught two possums fucking in the middle of the road, mr possum looked round as he banged away... I saw his eyes widen just before the car hit them.
permalink well, that's a good thing
we're positively encouraged to kill the little 'Stralien shits

I once had to help finish off (with a large rock) a possum that a colleague was trying to kill with an ice axe, up the top of Mt Ruapehu. What the fuck a possum was doing 2600m up a large volcano, fucks knows.
permalink what was your mate doing
hunting them up there, that's the question.
permalink we were up there, going for a nice walk up the mountain
ice axe was an accessory, plenty of snow/ice up in the crater

having spotted said possum trying to make good its escape back under a hut, said colleague improvised

the funniest thing about it all, was the horrified look on the the face of ze German we had with us...he was not a happy bunny
permalink I hit a squirrel
on my bicycle years ago. Was an awful thud, stopped pretty sharpish and looked back to find it flipping around on its head. Figured I was going to have to finish it off when it shot up into the air and then ran up a tree.
thread Madness are playing Haydock in June,
anyone fancy it? There's some horse racing then madness play. We can put people up.

edit: I've listed my broken kindle on ebay. I've realised what particularly disturbs me about considering it dead is that the screen doesn't die. It looks like it's alive and well.
permalink I don't like Madness.
But then again, I'm a miserable old sod.
permalink I like them as long as they're doing it 20 years ago.
Feels a bit weird now.
permalink ah, they're doing that sort of thing elsewhere now
we used to go to Newmarket for some racing and a band in days gone by, which included Blondie (excellent) and the Hollies (meh). We couldn't go the Quo year, which would have been awful, but entertaining

More to the point, Half Man Half Biscuit are playing the Junction in Cambridge on July 4th...and we are planning on being there. So should you!
permalink I saw the Quo
it was great but they didn't do 'In the Army Now'. Bees and Witchy were talking about HMHB on that twitter, I didn't register.
permalink I should probably send out a proper invite on FB
I had only mentioned it in passy to Witchy and Violetlobster...

hadn't said too much about our trip back to Yurp yet, as we haven't really worked out what we are doing (other than arriving into Dublin on Jun 24th, and leaving Barcelona on Jul 27th)
permalink I''ve put it in the diary
I'm trying to convince the wife to not go so I can get pissed :)
permalink jolly good
[edit] although though you could both come, and use a bus/taxi
permalink she's seen them twice
she's not convinced. or about witchy for that matter.
permalink fair enough
probably best she doesn't meet me as well then!
permalink HMHB?
When I'm not in France?
*buys ticket*
permalink Good show, old chap
there will no doubt be beer in/around that date also
permalink blondie at the races is a horrible thing to imagine.. how the great have fallen
(i heard a blondie cover track in a shop and asked who it was.. i already hated it.. "1direction innit".. cruel cruel world)

hmhb sounds like a brilliant idea
permalink im skint
but i do commend them live and also the wearing of a pith helmet / explorers outfit... much better than the fez
permalink I have purchsed one of said outfits
for this year's Secret Garden Party, it may also do service at the Chap Oympiad
thread Book recommendation
KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money

For now, only on Kindle as far as I know though there's a paperback in the works.

It is a history of the KLF. It is therefore a rambling mindfuck that explains the financial crash of the early 21st century. Sort of.
permalink A "Wildly Unauthorised" history
does seem like the only appropriate kind of history...
permalink going to have a plough through the Illuminatus! trilogy next
which should be fun
permalink I fucking loved the Illuminatus! trilogy
A right rollicking read...I just feel sorry for anyone who thinks they're trying to tell people something serious. It's just crazy Pynchonesque nonsense...

...or is it?*

*yes, yes it is
permalink the KLF book
goes fairly heavily into the history of the books and discordianism in general. Especially to do with who shot JFK (probably not Bill Drummond)
permalink Hail Eris!
see also:

one of whose founders was a man named Drummond...coincidence? I think not!
permalink hah, Bob
I remember that.
permalink Yes indeed
I must dig out my copy of the book...

plenty of Slack going down round here at the moment
permalink I used to sort of know Grimmo
(the guy who filmed the money burning) when he roadied for Killing Joke . . Odd bloke
permalink Odd?
Who'da thought it?
permalink one would imagine so
though probably less odd than Drummond or Cauty
permalink Cauty is quite normal
I haven't met Drummond though
permalink My speed test teen minutes ago:

My speedtest now:

That's the blistering difference a new modem and upgrade to 100mbps has made!

To be fair the chap did say it'd take about 48 hours to get up to speed and I'd need to be wired in for it rather than wiffy.
permalink TBH that speedtest is a bit... icky
or rather.. if i run that speedtest now, i'd get about 30mb. if i go and download a file from a site that is unlikely to be cached i can easily hit 50 seconds later, also pings are rarely quicker from test sites one would deem closeR presumably due to routing and the like
permalink also, wifi is shit.
I've just gone and wired myself into the modem and topped 87mbps.

edit: - it got over 98mbps on that one
permalink Well presumably
the very best you'll achieve over wifi is 54mbps, assuming your router is wireless g. The higher speeds of wireless n seem to be mythical, or atleast very rare. Then you've overhead, error correction and other usage on the network, and once you have 30-35mbps seems pretty good.
permalink I'm not a wiffy expert
but I think that you can get great speeds on n, but the chances are that your n-capable router is in fact configured to run g, and even if it was set up for n, it would default back to g (or worse) if you have any non-n compatible device on the network.

I think.
permalink Agreed.
I simply abbreviated it to "mythical, or at least very rare"
In reality, you don't need much more than G, but I'd be mighty pleased if I could get my two APs to run their wireless backbone in N.
Sadly, as one of them doesn't support N, this is more than just unlikely.
permalink I had presumed it was N but I've not had a decent firk around the settings.
I've checked and the connection thinks its 18mbps so I might have to play with the settings, or possibly run the "superhub" in modem mode and use my dd-wrt router instead.

I'll see how the powerline adapters play with the 100mbps.

Edit: I'm pretty sure VM wouldn't supply me with a new hub for the switch from 50 to 100 if it only did wireless g. This laptop, on the other hand, might only be g.
permalink I've checked my facts
and I'm right, the speed of any n router will be halved if you have any g (or some older n, i.e. pre-2010) devices attached, as [science noise]
permalink [science noise]
great name for a geeky band. Including the square brackets
permalink Well, what ever it did
it worked on your ping.
permalink I now have a noodle stuck in the back of my nose
you git.
permalink Much to my shame it wasn't intended to be funny.
What did I say?
permalink also
try using a different browser. i.e. IE
permalink I'll try firefox
but I don't hvae ie on this lappy
permalink so, you were really fucking fast
and you're still really fucking fast

permalink It seems they are still using carrier pigeon round here:
permalink I'm off to see skunk anansie next month.
permalink I saw them quite a lot
in 1996 when they supported Killing Joke on the Pandemonium tour . . good live band
permalink Never managed to see them live
but I thought they were a very underrated band. Skin had an awesome voice too, if a tad scary