thread So the board down?
permalink Looks like it
. .
permalink up again
thread didn't cycle to London
I'd claim it was because I didn't fancy negotiating the roads within the M25 given that NCN 1 along the Lee tow-path probably wouldn't have been passable with 23mm slicks, but the reality involves my legs hurting and me not hardening the fuck up
permalink I didn't cycle to London either.
I can't find any direct evidence of me having buildings insurance. I have indirect evidence - a letter from my mortgagee provider saying "You must provide evidence of you having buildings insurance before we give you a mortgage" and I have a mortgage, but they don't have a record of who I'm with. Or supposed to be with. I have a vague memory of my mortgage advisor setting something up that would automatically start when the sale completed, but I can't find evidence of it. And even if there was a failing in that process (though I suspect it was my responsibility to say that I'd bought the house) I should've noticed sooner than nearly two years after it failed to start.

So anyway, the chap next door (a builder) had a look and figured out where the leak came from - the toilet cistern's overflow. The overflow has its own pipe which runs from the bathroom to the outside, through the kitchen ceiling. Only it doesn't get to outside because there's a fucking conservatory in the way. It just stops. It's evidently not sealed or anything, they just trimmed it and put the conservatory over it. So any water that runs through the overflow overflows from the overflow and runs into the ceiling above the kitchen.

So while we were away with nobody flushing the loo at home the overflow came in to use (despite the water being off, maybe not off enough or perhaps it was condensation), water pooled in the ceiling then at 2am as we were in the air somewhere over africa the ceiling collapsed. We know it was 2am because the alarm went off, and the man next door came round with his dog. He figured we weren't being burgled and turned the alarm off without checking the kitchen.

So now once it's dry we need to have the ceiling boarded and plastered and replace the loo, which will mean replacing the sink and bath as well.

We wanted to do the bathroom anyway, but maybe when we'd had a chance to save up a bit.
permalink the insurance payments
must appear on your bank statements?
permalink That's the thing, they don't.
What I thought was buldings insurance was actually payment protection.
permalink oh blimey..
you could have paid an annual premium or something I suppose.
permalink I wouldn't have done and I've checked bank statements from around the time
I bought. Plus I'd have got the renewal. I think this is a hard earned lesson on getting my shit together and behaving like a grown-up.

Fortunately as shit that necessitates a buildings insurance claim goes this was pretty tame, and we can live without a kitchen ceiling until we save up a bit. I also told our next door neighbour we're uninsured and he'll do the repairs and replace our bathroom at a decent price.
permalink I'm no expert
but I don't think buildings insurance is something that ever automatically happens, you have to go and get it yourself just like car insurance. You also need to make sure it tallies with your mortgage value so that you're not underinsured.
permalink I know, but I ordered it and it was set to start when my mortgage did.
I was rather overwhelmed at the time and didn't consider that I might have to do something about it, and I presumed another monthly payment was it. I'll find the paperwork eventually and properly figure out what happened.

I'll also be writing to the company that installed the conservatory to let them know what utter twunts they are.
permalink speak to your mortgage advisor
.. they must have a record of what they sent to the mortgage co.
permalink Is it included in your mortgage ?
they can be bought together.
permalink check your bank statement
who are you paying, might have a reference?
permalink that route is fine on 23s

permalink I'd been through
two fords, one of which only had temporary/emergency signs, the other of which I've been through several times when it's been dry...
permalink Anyway, I had an excellent time in South Africa.
It was fucking amazing.
permalink I bet not one ceiling fell in on you there
it's much better like that.
permalink Not one!
To be fair the Wigan one didn't fall on me either. It fell on the rather nice Dartington water jug we got as a wedding present though :(
permalink and the faberge egg
and Ming vases?
thread Why
aren't we here yet?
permalink But
we are . . . .
permalink oh yeah
permalink I'm not
or am I ?
permalink I'm not sure who I am at this point
let alone where...

Out drinking with friend, who's in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend, till 6 am. Ended up top & tailing round hers - woken up at 9 by her burying her feet in my armpit in her sleep, then kicking me in the head when I tried to shrug her away.

Just spent 2 hours wandering round Sainsbury's in a daze trying to find the ingredients for a vegetarian dinner I'm cooking tonight.
permalink Lomes?
Adult limes.
permalink I just started watching the hobbit
It's been a long time since I read the Hobbit, did the Dwarves do a song and dance routine while putting the washing-up away in Bilbo's house in the book? It made me feel a bit queasy and I turned it off.

They don't keep doing that do they?
permalink it's on page 12
and yes they do
permalink oh god
permalink well I've not seen it yet
but the reason you don't remember all the singing in the book is because those bits were easy to skip, and if it's 9 hours of film then it's highly unlikely he's left any of it out
permalink I'm going to need
booze for this then
thread it's
happened again
permalink so it has
I'v had to re-register and everything.
permalink oh well
we've all run out of interesting things to say anyway
permalink Yup. MrsJam is working from 8pm til 9am
so I'm home alone. Bored already and she's only just left.
permalink *snif*
might as well go to the pub then.
permalink no, bollocks to it,
that requires getting dressed :)
permalink wahey!
thread I lime cheese.
Lime Lime Lime.
permalink *applies*
permalink I LIKE CHEESE!
I am also super bored.
permalink We are sorry to inform you
that on this occasion we will not be progressiing with your application
permalink :(
Poor old Witchy.